10 (okay, 12) Azaleas We Love

Azaleas and rhododendrons are shrubs for all seasons. Pay attention to bloom time as azaleas can generally be categorized by three bloom times: early, mid, or late season. Also, note zones as some azaleas can tolerate cold and are hardy to zone three while others are heat lovers, ideal for zones eight and above. Good design tips here.

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Bloom-A-Thon® Pink Double Reblooming Azalea
Rhododendron x 'RLH1-2P8' Plant Patent #21,477
Item #7876
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Alaska Azalea
Azalea indica 'Alaska' (Rutherfordiana hybrid)
Item #0440
Rose Glow Azalea
Azalea indica 'Rose Glow'
Item #0525
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Fragrant Star Azalea
Azalea x 'Fragrant Star'
Item #4765
Golden Lights Azalea
Azalea x 'Golden Lights' (Northern Lights hybrid)
Item #0778
Mistral Azalea
Azalea 'Mistral' (Southern Indica)
Item #0483
Red Ruffles Azalea
Azalea 'Red Ruffles' (Rutherfordiana hybrid)
Item #0640
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Nuccio's Wild Cherry Azalea
Azalea 'Nuccio's Wild Cherry' (Satsuki hybrid)
Item #0842
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Sweet Sixteen Evergreen Azalea
Azalea x 'Sweet Sixteen' Plant Patent #12,847
Item #40104
George L. Taber Azalea
Azalea 'George L. Taber' (Southern Indica)
Item #0575
Phoenicia Azalea
Azalea 'Phoenicia' (Southern Indica)
Item #0630
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Golden Flare Azalea
Azalea x 'Golden Flare' (Exbury hybrid)
Item #0777