New Monrovia Organics Soil Mixes and Fertilizers

Mar 31, 2009


New Monrovia Organics Soil Mixes and Fertilizers



Healthy Soil Grows the Best Plants


Monrovia, the leading grower of premium ornamental plants, has introduced a line of organic soil mixes and fertilizers, developed specifically for home gardeners who want professional growing results. The new Monrovia Organics are available in independent garden centers nationwide, and include a potting soil, planting compost and seven plant-specific fertilizers.

“Savvy gardeners know that one of the most important things they can do for their plants is to make sure the soil is healthy,” explained John Keller, soil expert at Monrovia. “That means using the right balance of organic materials — ideally soils and fertilizers that contains mycorrhizae, a beneficial fungus.”

Keller points out that Monrovia has been adding mycorrhizae to its soil mixes for more than a decade. “We custom blend 45 different soils for our 2,200 different plant varieties,” he said. “Because our plants are so healthy and flourish in the garden, people have been asking if they could get some of our soil. And now they can.”

Mycorrhiza comes from the Greek words Myco meaning fungus and rhiza is root. The mycorrhizae create filaments or threads that are actually extensions of the root systems – enlarging the surface-absorbing area of the roots by as much as 100 times. Mycorrhizal plants are often more resistant to diseases, such as those caused by microbial soil-borne pathogens, and are more resistant to the effects of drought. These effects are perhaps due to the improved water and mineral uptake in mycorrhizal plants. Mycorrhizal plants often require less watering and are more likely to be drought and salt tolerant. Monrovia Organics and standard soil products include:

Monrovia Organics Potting Soil – special recipe of peat moss, composted bark, perlite, compost and 12 different strains of mycorrhizae.  Available in three sizes: 12-quart bags; one and a half-cubic foot bags and 50-cubic foot bags.

Monrovia Organics Planting Compost – made from compost, composted bark, sphagnum peat moss and 12 different strains of mycorrhizae, this product is custom blended for all outdoor gardening. Available in one and a half-cubic foot and 50-cubic foot bags.

Monrovia Organics Line of Fertilizers – a long-lasting, slow-release formula. These seven plant-specific fertilizers are made from 100 percent natural and organic ingredients, including 12 different strains of mycorrhizae. Unlike most other organic fertilizers, each Monrovia Organics product is granulated for uniform quality and ease of use. Tree and Shrub Food and All-Purpose Plant Food are available in 15- and 40-lb. bags for use in large yards. The other products are available in four-lb. bags.

  • Tree and Shrub Food
  • Starter Fertilizer
  • All-Purpose Plant Food
  • Azalea and Camellia Food
  • Flower and Rose Food
  • Fruit Tree and Vine Food
  • Vegetable and Tomato Food

Monrovia Custom Soil Blend — is one of the core blends used in Monrovia's growing fields. Rich with both ecto- and endo-mycorrhizae, the soil improves a plant's tolerance to transplant and drought stress, while the compost reduces the need for fertilizer and other nutritional supplements. Available in one and a half-cubic foot and 50-cubic-foot bags, this soil is perfect for containers and raised beds because the slow release fertilizer delivers nutrients for up to one year.

Monrovia Soil Amendment — contains three key ingredients that make it ideal for planting and enriching existing garden soil. The mycorrhizae actually enlarge root surfaces, enabling them to absorb nutrients and water, while the compost stimulates biological activity for maximum growth. The Soil Amendment is fortified with slow-release fertilizer that adds extra nourishment during the plants' transition into the garden. Available in one and a half-cubic foot and 50-cubic-foot bags, the amendment benefits the entire landscape as living mycorrhizae spread to other areas of the garden. For more information about Monrovia and its soil products, visit




Background on Monrovia:
Monrovia is one of the world's largest producers of container grown plants, with more than 2,000 different varieties. Since it was founded in 1926 by Harry E. Rosedale, the company has introduced hundreds of patented plants, more than 200 of which are Monrovia exclusives. Monrovia plants are shipped to independent garden centers nationwide from its nurseries in Visalia and Venice Hills, Calif., Dayton, Ore., Springfield, Ohio, LaGrange, N.C. and Cairo, Ga. Throughout its history, Monrovia has pioneered many new technologies and new plant introductions. It remains a family owned entity. To find the nearest garden center that carries Monrovia plants, visit

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