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    I need ideas for companion plantings for a few Blushing Bride Rose of Sharons used as a hedge along a white picket fence. I have them spaced so that I can put something between them and something lower in front.

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    Kathy Rudnyk

    Any evergreen plant would be exceptional, like Hollies, as Rose of Sharon go dormant and loose their leaves in the winter. If you select a holly, find one that produces berries, like Royal Princess Blue Holly to offer even more show. Just make sure you select a male holly to add, so it will be the pollinator. Also, boxwood, Clethera, Nandina ‘Firepower’ and Abelia may be great foreground plants depending on where you live.

    As a personal note, I have Camellias around my Helene Rose of Sharon, and it looks fabulous, too. When the Rose of Sharon is dormant, the blooming Camellias take center stage. In the summer, the Rose of Sharon stands alone with its colorful show, and the green foliage of the evergreen Camellias stay in the background.

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