• Overview
    Light Needs:
    Full sun
    Watering Needs:
    Needs wet or constantly moist soil.
    Average Landscape Size:
    Fast grower to 5 ft. tall, 3 ft. wide.
    Key Feature:
    Edible Fruit
  • Detail
    Plant type:Shrub
    Growth habit:Round
    Growth rate:Fast
    Average landscape size:Fast grower to 5 ft. tall, 3 ft. wide.
    Special features:Edible, Fast Growing
    Foliage color:Green
    Flower color:White
    Flower attributesShowy Flowers
    Garden styleCottage, Rustic
    Companion PlantsRaspberry (Rubus); Blueberry (Vaccinium); Currant (Ribes); Kiwi (Actinidia); Coneflower (Echinacea)
  • Care
    Care Information
    Follow a regular watering schedule during the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system. Allow 4-5 canes to develop each year until the shrub has 15-16 canes. In future annual pruning, the canes that are 3 years or older should be pruned to ground level.
    Light Needs:
    Light needs: Full Sun
    Full sun
    Watering Needs:
    Water needs: High
    Needs wet or constantly moist soil.