• Overview
    Light Needs:
    Partial shade to partial sun
    Watering Needs:
    Needs regular watering - weekly, or more often in extreme heat.
    Average Landscape Size:
    Reaches 4 to 6 ft. tall, 3 to 4 ft. wide.
    Key Feature:
    Woodland Garden Plant
  • Detail
    Botanical Pronunciation:dy-SPOR-um lon-jee-STY-luhm
    Plant type:Shrub
    Growth rate:Moderate
    Average landscape size:Reaches 4 to 6 ft. tall, 3 to 4 ft. wide.
    Foliage color:Dark Green
    Flower color:Green
    Flower attributesShowy Flowers
    Garden styleAsian/Zen, Contemporary
    Design IdeasDisporum longistyllum adds a nice vertical element to a perennial border, evoking the feel of bamboo. Pairs beautifully with Chinese dogwood (Cornus kousa), which blooms at a similar time with flowers of a similar hue. Use to add a tropical look to a dappled shade garden, placed where its exceptional seasonal qualities can be witnessed up-close. Makes an unusual and dramatic statement as a container or courtyard specimen; forms a statuesque shape that is stunning in an entry or zen retreat.
    Companion PlantsCoral Bells (Heuchera); Hosta (Hosta); Lungwort (Pulmonaria); Spikenard (Aralia); Dogwood (Cornus kousa); Ligularia (Ligularia)
  • Care
    Care Information
    Provide well-drained humus-rich soil. Avoid locations with hot afternoon sun. Water deeply at regular intervals during first growing season to establish an extensive root system. Apply a slow release fertilizer and prune old stems in early spring to promote a flush of fresh new foliage.
    Light Needs:
    <strong>Partial Sun / Partial Shade</strong>: These two terms are often used interchangeably to mean 3-6 (or 4-6) hours of sunlight each day. However, there is a difference.
<strong>Partial shade</strong> typically means the plants will appreciate a more gentle exposure such as the weaker morning or early afternoon sun, with the emphasis on providing the minimum needed shade and sheltering from intense late afternoon sun. <strong>Partial sun</strong> typically means the plants <u>need</u> some direct sun, so the emphasis is on meeting the required minimum hours of sunlight, with filtered sunlight or shade the balance of the day.
Both are best with shelter from the harshest late afternoon sun. This shade could be provided by a structure, a wall, larger plants or  tree(s).
    Partial shade to partial sun
    Watering Needs:
    Water needs: Moderate
    Needs regular watering - weekly, or more often in extreme heat.