January 2015
Crimson Kisses™ is a compact, reblooming Weigela with a tidy, rounded shape. Its unique dark, lipstick-red flowers have us swooning this year, and make this a must for sunny gardens.

Brilliant Foliage for Shade

Moonlight Chinese Fairy Bells has bright green wavy leaves with a unique pearl-white center and interesting striping on graceful, arching stems. Clusters of small yellow flowers last spring through summer. As temperatures cool in the fall, the variegation turns purple-pink.

Dazzling and Delicious

Plant Little Ragu™ Sweet Bay close to the house and use its flavorful leaves in stews and sauces. And, it adds a bright zing to the garden with bright, golden-green wavy leaves that have a more seductive fragrance than other Bays.

Colorful Climber

Red Rhapsody™ Hydrangea Vine makes a dramatic statement with its foliage that emerges varnished-red in spring. Large flower heads surrounded by large, cream-colored bracts. A rare species discovered by Dan Hinkley.

Dramatic Winter Color

Impish Elf™ Lily of the Valley Shrub has dark purple-pink buds that develop in the fall and hold throughout the winter, providing a flame of color all season. Glossy new foliage is brick red with deep red stems. Improved disease resistance.

Prune Me Not

Okay, you may need to prune Tiny Tower® Arborvitae a tiny bit, but not much. Its upright, compact habit stays tidy, and you’ll love the lively green, soft foliage. Easy-care and makes a great evergreen screen or accent specimen.

Glow in the Garden

This superb new conifer has bright, yellow-gold new foliage that matures to chartreuse, creating a striking color contrast. In winter, Ember Waves™ Western Arborvitae turns deep gold with brilliant orange-red tips.

Purple Power

Bonsai Blue Jacaranda is a true dwarf – perfect in a patio container, but will need to be overwintered below Zone 9. It has bright green, soft, fern-like foliage and explodes with deep-purple, tubular blooms in late spring.