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Welcome to Monrovia’s Consumer Content page! As a valued customer, we are eager to share with you the latest and greatest of the gardening world, showcasing our beautiful plants and expertise. This page is a tool for you to access current gardening solutions, trends, tips, and much more for your use in newsletters, web site, and social media. To use our content, just do the following:

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Our content will be updated on a monthly basis. If you are not able to find what you are looking for, check out our blog,! Look for the PDF icon featured in our articles to download a PDF version of your desired blog post. If you are experiencing problems accessing or downloading our content, please do not hesitate to contact Vivian at


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New Articles

10 Unique Shrubs for Fall Color (Zone: 3 – 7)

Content: There are many shrubs that provide fall color. We wanted to share 10 of our favorites, each with something special to offer. 

PDF: 10 Unique Shrubs for Fall Color (Zone 3 – 7)



10 Unique Shrubs for Fall Color (Zone: 7-10)

Content: 10 Unique shrubs, each with something special to offer.  These look great in spring and summer but with the bonus of that third fabulous season.

PDF: 10 Unique Shrubs for Fall Color (Zone 7-10)



Fall for Purple Foliage

Content: Up the drama with just a few purple plants in your autumn garden. To get you started here are a few we love.

PDF: Tips for Keeping Plants Happy in a Heatwave Fall for Purple



Top 13 Flowering Trees for Small Gardens

Content: Check out 13 spectacular, right-sized trees for small gardens that flower up a storm then add plenty of interest the rest of the season.

PDF: Top 13 Flowering Trees for Small Gardens



How to Overwinter Tropicals Indoors

Content: How to Overwinter tropicals Indoors

PDF: How to Overwinter Tropicals Indoors



How to Select the Right Japanese Maple

Content: Here are tips to selecting the right Japanese maple for your garden.

PDF: How to Select the Right Japanese Maple



10 Shrubs for Windy Gardens

Content: Here are tips to selecting the right Japanese maple for your garden.

PDF: 10 Shrubs for Windy Gardens



No, Deer. 5 Deer-Resistant Flowering Trees

Content: While it is true that a hungry deer will graze on anything in its path, these five rather spectacular flowering trees are not on their preferred menu. Take a look!

PDF: No, Deer. 5 Deer Resistant Flowering Trees


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