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2016 Articles

5 Ways: Hardy, Happy, Hydrangeas

plantsavvyMay2016hydrangeamaincroppedContent: Ways to design with hydrangeas plus plant suggestions.



Edge Your Bed With Low-Growing Shrubs

Lavandula angustifolia 'Ashdown Forest'Content: 10 shrubs perfect for keeping a low profile. 



Easy Annuals for Beginners

blogannualslantana300-150x150@2xContent: 10 hassle-free annuals for beginners plus gardening suggestions. 



Curb Appeal Solutions: Landscaping around an existing tree 

PlantSavvyMay2016LeadCropped700x350Content: Tips for landscaping around an existing tree plus plant suggestions. 



8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Rosemary 

2049-arp-rosemary-close-upContent: Eight unique ways to use rosemary plus plant suggestions.  



10 Reasons You Should Be Growing Grapes in Your Backyard

A beautiful view of a bunch of fresh, juicy ripe Cabernet Sauvignon grapes still on the vine, ready to be picked.Content: 10 reasons why to add grapes to your edible landscape plus plant suggestions.



Five Ways with Bountiful Berries 

indian summer raspberryContent: How to integrate berry-making plants into your yard plus plant suggestions.



Cheers! 6 Easy Steps for Growing Your Own Grapes

himrod grape croppedContent: How to grow grapes in your backyard plus plant suggestions.



Five Ways With Roses

PlantSavvyMarch2016rosesclimbing3cropped150Content: How do design with roses plus plant suggestions.



Boxwoods Make Gardens Better

varengboxwoodcroppedContent: Our favorite boxwoods plus plant suggestions. 



5 (Fun) Ways to Design with Ferns

Kokodema plantsContent: How to design with ferns plus plant suggestions. 



5 Ways to Design with Succulents

Co How to design with succulents plus plant suggestions.



Eight Trends Influencing the Gardening World in 2016

4708-keikoadored-itoh-peony-close-upContent: Easy-to-love new plants, accessible technology, a flirt with romance, the sharing economy, a cleaner, simpler color palette, and crisp geometric design all add up to a fresh take on gardening in 2016, according to the plant experts at Monrovia.


Exclusive 2016 Monrovia Plants

releaseboxwoodContent: A comprehensive list of our new offerings for 2016. 




3 Ways to Know When to Water (How to tell when your container needs water)

Make a Better Potting Mix (How to give your pot the best soil.)

How to Shape a Boxwood (An easy how-to for shaping a boxwood.)

How to Mulch the Right Way (Know how to properly mulch.)

Style for Your Front Door (Design suggestions when creating a porchscape.)

How to Blue a Hydrangea ( Turn your hydrangea blue with this fun, quick how-to.)

Monrovia Garden (Design rules to consider when creating a porchscape.)

Grow Beautifully Anthem Video (Grow Beautifully, Grow Monrovia.) 

Right Pot For A Plant | Monrovia Garden (Find the right size pot for your plant.)

Grow Beautifully (All about Monrovia’s new campaign.)

3 Secrets to Growing a Beautiful Topiary  (Fun, sped up how-to.)

Search for the Perfect Plant  (Follow the flight of the hummingbird as she searches for the perfect plant.)

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