Our Plants

4000 varieties

How do our plants Grow Beautifully®? We start with a plant that has improved features and better traits that distinguish it from common varieties. Secondly, it is one that is healthier, has a uniform structure, stronger root system and greater resistance to pests and disease. Better health is created by how we grow our plants. In short, a plant Grow Beautifully is one that makes us proud to grow it.

We know gardeners are truly passionate about what they do, and we are equally passionate about introducing plants that Grow Beautifully. We now count in our inventories over 4,000 varieties of plants and we hold more than 200 plant patents and trademarks. We are continually learning how to grow our plants more effectively while adding new plants with unique and improved features.

Why buy a patented plant? We look for new varieties that are healthier, hardier and more pest resistant; varieties that bloom more and longer. You’ll be able to reduce the use of chemicals and you’ll be a more successful gardener.

Beautiful Blooms

Flowers are often the most sought after component in a garden, and for good reason. Flowering plants can inspire romance; their heirloom blossoms recall simpler times; and they provide a dramatic focal point like no other. We grow hundreds of flowering shrubs, vines and perennials. Some of our favorites include:


Our camellias are premier performers for blooms and plant structure with many exclusives you will only find from us.

Rhododendrons and Azaleas

Whether it is a natural woodland landscape or a formal Japanese garden, the focal point is created by these plants’ shape and profusion of blooms.


Perennials offer the widest choice of color, unique foliage and growth habit. Our collection is chosen for great plant performance and hard-to-find varieties.

Vines and Vine-Like Shrubs

Monrovia has introduced several exclusive Bougainvillea and Mandevilla varieties. Our array of other flowering vines allows garden enthusiasts to add dramatic, vertical color and texture to their gardens.

Fabulous Foliage

Foliage plants include all plants grown for their attractive foliage and leaves rather than for flowers or fruits. They are the heart and soul of a garden as it is their texture, and, above all, their color that sets the tone for all other elements in your garden. Colors can be subtle or dramatic: from chartreuse to dark green or blue, from variegated to dramatic orange, red, purple or black. Textures range from needle-like to huge elephant ears. Foliage can offer a big enough show that flowers become mere supporting cast members.


One of the largest components of our plant mix, ornamental shrubs are the workhorse in the garden. These are the plants that can provide privacy screens and hedges to make your outdoor living space more intimate. They can be artfully combined with perennials to create mixed borders and they’re often placed throughout the landscape as specimen plants to highlight a beautiful seasonal flowering habit, decorative fruit, distinctive variegated foliage or fall color. With more than 75 exclusive Monrovia introductions and hundreds of varieties, we offer an incredible palette from which to create a stunning landscape design.

Ferns and Bamboo

Prized by gardeners to bring an exotic look to a landscape, we grow more than three dozen varieties of ferns and bamboo, including the delicately beautiful Pewter Lace Painted Fern and the Mexican Weeping Bamboo.


For tactile drama throughout multiple seasons, try sedge, breeze grass, fescue, colorful rush, cattails and fountain grass. From minimalist modern to rustic prairie, ornamental grasses are ideal for any design style. And with more than 80 varieties, there is a selection appropriate for every region.

Stunning Structure

Plants that lend strong visual statements, or provide the architecture in a garden, are needed for any good design. Use them to define a boundary of a landscape and to punctuate architectural features of your house, such as entries, porches, and corners. No matter your garden style, these plants will provide height and a sense of balance to your landscape.


Our conifers are prized for their hardiness and beautiful foliage. From grays, blues, yellows, greens; from low-growing mounding plants to stately multi-branched specimens, our collection of conifers reflects the best of this incredibly diverse and easy-care category of plants.


Monrovia is renowned for its trained topiary forms. Training the plants is a skill perfected by the Craftsmen at Monrovia. Whether you’re seeking a trend-setting contemporary form or a Renaissance-inspired classic, we have an unsurpassed collection that will be perfectly paired with your garden style.


From our Japanese Maples to our Citrus, Monrovia’s trees have been hand-selected to provide color, texture and interest in your outdoor living spaces. Whether you are planting them in a colorful container or designing a multi-acre estate, trees can provide shade or fruit, a needed vertical line or a lovely focal point and we offer many dwarf varieties for smaller gardens. Even more, they help our environment through their ability to breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen.