New for 2013 – Award-winning Wild Swan™ Hybrid Anemone

Feb 20, 2013



AZUSA, Calif. – (February 20, 2013) – Monrovia, the leading grower of premium garden plants, is known for seeking out improved varieties that have better pest or disease resistance; interesting flower or foliage color; are more prolific in blooming or fruiting; or perhaps with a  superior shape or habit. 

One of its new introductions is the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Year, the Wild Swan™ Hybrid Anemone, chosen for its profuse blooming.   Details:

Wild Swan™ Anemone

Anemone x ‘Macane001’ P.P.A.F. Wild Swan™

USDA  Zones 6 – 8

Nodding buds open into pure white flowers and adorn tall stems above the lush deep green maple-shaped leaves. Their lilac blue underside is revealed when flowers are half-closed in morning and evening. It will bloom continuously and profusely from late spring through frost. Lovely massed in a woodland setting or spotted into wild rock gardens and its showy flowers make excellent cut flowers for arrangements.  Discovered in Scotland, it was the recipient of Chelsea Flower Show 2011 Plant of the Year Award.  While most Anemone tend to run, this variety has a tidy clumping nature, to 18 inches tall by 24 inches wide.  Care:  Needs regular watering – weekly or more in extreme heat. Prefers partial shade to partial sun.

According to Monrovia’s director of new plants, Nicholas Staddon, “This is the most floriferous Anemone we’ve come across.  When she looks at you face to face, you see lovely white flowers with yellow stamens.  The backs of the petals are a pretty amethyst…so whether you’re coming or going, glancing at this plant will afford an exquisite view.”







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Background on Monrovia:

Founded in 1926, Monrovia is the leading grower of premium ornamental and edible plants, with more than 2,500 varieties.  The company has introduced hundreds of improved plants, including more than 230 exclusives.   Monrovia’s Distinctively Better® plants are nurtured in custom-blended, premium soil mixes, to produce healthy plants that flourish in the landscape.  Monrovia soils and organic fertilizers are now packaged for home use.  From its three, eco-friendly nurseries in Visalia, Calif., Dayton, Ore. and Cairo, Ga., Monrovia distributes its plants through independent garden centers and re-wholesalers nationwide.  The company remains a family owned entity.