Monrovia Growers Announces Transition to New Management Team for 2007

Jan 19, 2007

AZUSA, Calif., (January 19, 2007) – The board of directors of Monrovia Growers announced today that it is transitioning to a new management team. The family legacy of the 81-year old wholesale nursery continues with the son of the founder, Miles Rosedale, resuming the role of CEO as a managing director rather than as a head of operations. A new management team headed by Elin Dowd as president will direct the operations of the company. Rounding out the management team are Robert Smiland, who was appointed chief marketing and sales officer in July; Mark Buchholtz, who has been chief operating officer since 1998; and Tyler Page who was promoted to chief financial officer from vice president of finance.

Longtime member of senior management, Bruce Usrey, who served as CEO since 2002 will step into an advisory role for Monrovia. Usrey joined Monrovia in1968 and for the next 18 years was production manager. From 1986 to 1998, he was executive vice president and chief operating officer, overseeing the company’s greatest expansion, which involved establishing new growing locations in Dayton, Ore., and Visalia, Calif. He served as president for the next six years Usrey, another time of growth for Monrovia, with its merger with Wight and Berryhill Nurseries, adding three East Coast growing fields to Monrovia’s production.

Also stepping into an advisory role is Gilbert N. Resendez, who was president since 2004, and executive vice president for the preceding decade. Resendez joined Monrovia in 1962 as a pruning craftsman. He later moved into the sales division, and after years of consistently achieving top sales accolades, he was promoted to vice president sales and marketing. He helped build Monrovia’s sales force into what is considered the most knowledgeable and best trained in the industry. Throughout his years at Monrovia, Resendez has been recognized as having an astute business mind and is widely known for his tremendous knowledge and love of plants.

“Bruce Usrey and Gilbert Resendez have a combined 84 years experience with Monrovia,” Rosedale pointed out. “They are so valuable to Monrovia and the nursery industry. We will be relying on their expertise with our plant production and growth of the company, as well as their strong industry ties as we transition to a new generation of leaders.”

Elin R. Dowd, who was named president, has been with Monrovia for 10 years as vice president of human resources and learning, and served as a member of the executive management team. Prior to joining Monrovia, she worked for many years in the services industry, including banking and insurance. Dowd created two human resources departments for previous employers and has been involved in many mergers and acquisitions. “Elin is a strong leader, strategic thinker and savvy executive with a focus on adding value to the Monrovia brand. We are all very confident that she will be a dynamic leader who will grow our company,” Rosedale added.

“Our goal is to expand our production of Distinctively Better plants that are highly prized by consumers and to provide our customers with innovative and excellent service,” said Rosedale.

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Background on Monrovia:
Monrovia is one of the world’s largest producers of container grown plants, with more than 2,000 different varieties. Since it was founded in 1926 by Harry E. Rosedale, the company has introduced hundreds of patented plants, more than 200 of which are Monrovia exclusives. Monrovia plants are shipped to independent garden centers nationwide from its nurseries in Visalia and Venice Hills, Calif., Dayton, Ore., Springfield, Ohio, LaGrange, N.C. and Cairo, Ga. Throughout its history, Monrovia has pioneered many new technologies and new plant introductions. It remains a family owned entity. To find the nearest garden center that carries Monrovia plants, visit