Monrovia Planning Sale of Its Smallest Nursery

Oct 1, 2008

Ohio Facility Likely to Be Sold by mid-2009

AZUSA, Calif. (October 1, 2008) – Monrovia Growers announced this week that it is seeking a buyer for its 300-acre Springfield, Ohio property, the smallest of its five nurseries that together comprise more than 4,000 acres.

According to Elin Dowd, president, the Ohio nursery was acquired in 2001 as part of Monrovia’s merger with Wight and Berryhill Nurseries. “This nursery accounts for only about five percent of our overall production, and a significant portion of the Ohio nursery is in ball and burlap product. Being that we’re a container grower, the operation isn’t the best fit for us,” she said.

Over the next 10 months, as propagation winds down and Monrovia begins selling off the plants, there will be staggered layoffs of the 70 craftsmen currently employed at the nursery. All craftsmen are welcome to apply to transfer to Monrovia’s other nurseries, and the company will encourage the new owners to retain any of the craftsmen who choose to remain.

“Monrovia chose not to invest the capital to convert the property to more container grown material.” Dowd added. “But, this is an ideal location for a smaller grower looking for an existing nursery operation.”

The nursery will be sold with its existing buildings, greenhouses, hoop houses, irrigation systems and other infrastructure, but not the plants. Monrovia will be offering its garden center and landscape customers incentives to purchase the plant material beginning this month and continuing through the time of sale.

The Ohio nursery has been shipping its plants primarily to garden centers in the Midwest and Northeast region of the country. Monrovia anticipates finding a buyer and completing the transaction by June 2009 and expects a smooth transition for those customers, who will continue to receive their plants from Monrovia’s other nurseries.

For more information about the sale of the nursery, please contact Elin Dowd, . For details on plant sales, contact your Monrovia sales representative or call 800-995-4001.