Monrovia’s Plants Take Flight at Dwell on Design Show

May 27, 2008

Monrovia’s Plants Take Flight With “Flying Bamboo” Exhibit at Dwell on Design Show

LOS ANGELES (May 27, 2008) – Monrovia plants will be the talk of the Dwell on Design show at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Not for the usual reasons, like interesting varieties or being ultra lush and healthy. But because the plants are floating through the air…literally.

It’s all part of Dwell Outdoor, a 13,000-square-foot pavilion within the Dwell on Design show, June 5-8. As the major sponsor, Monrovia was given the task to decorate the vast area, which showcases modern outdoor living trends and hot new products. Monrovia partnered with Sarah Graham, a principal of agps architecture, who created the Flying Bamboo theme.

“We wanted to design a conceptual landscape for Dwell Outdoor and Monrovia as a means for visitors to see landscape in a new way,” Graham explained. “As plants, particularly large plants, are usually gravity based, we reversed that normal condition, making it surreal. One cannot help but to notice, to question, and to laugh.”

Plenty of Monrovia plants will be closer to the ground, too, for easy viewing, including dramatic architectural plants, water-wise and easy-care varieties. A focus will be on soil – the key to Monrovia’s healthy, lush plants. The grower custom blends 42 different soil mixes and adds a dozen different types of mycorrhiaze, a beneficial fungus. Monrovia’s soils are available in bulk for landscape professionals and standard packages at garden centers.

“We work with so many landscape architects and designers, we thought this would be an ideal venue to showcase our plants and soils to those professionals,” said Pam Wasson, vice president, marketing at Monrovia. “Our director of new plants, Nicholas Staddon, will be speaking about ideal plants for minimalist gardens.”

Speaking times are Friday at 3 p.m. and Saturday at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

In its third year, the Dwell on Design Conference and Exhibition has become one of the hottest venues for an in-depth look at modern design, architecture and space, and sophisticated outdoor living.

About the Designer
Sarah Graham is a principal of agps architecture, a multidisciplinary team in Los Angeles and Zurich, Switzerland, bridging the realms of infrastructure, architecture, and landscape. From the development of urban strategies to the invention of construction details, the work searches for the yet undiscovered.

Background on Monrovia
Monrovia is one of the world’s largest producers of container grown plants, with more than 2,000 different varieties. Since it was founded in 1926 by Harry E. Rosedale, the company has introduced hundreds of patented plants, more than 200 of which are Monrovia exclusives. Monrovia plants are shipped to independent garden centers nationwide from its nurseries in Visalia and Venice Hills, Calif., Dayton, Ore., Springfield, Ohio, LaGrange, N.C. and Cairo, Ga. Throughout its history, Monrovia has pioneered many new technologies and new plant introductions. It remains a family owned entity. To find the nearest garden center that carries Monrovia plants, visit