Monrovia’s Suzette Nordstrom Awarded ANLA’s Wholesale Plant Sales Person of the Year

Feb 14, 2012

AZUSA, Calif. (February 14, 2012) – Suzette Nordstrom, a longtime sale associate for Monrovia, was named Wholesale Plant Sales Person of the Year at the American Nursery and Landscape Association's (ANLA) 2012 Clinic in Louisville, Ky.

Nordstrom was nominated by both her customers and her peers on the ANLA Wholesale Plant Sales Professionals Committee. The award is given to one salesperson each year who epitomizes the sales person's role, through a commitment to the success of both their employer and their customers. It recognizes a sales professional who symbolizes the highest standards in the wholesale nursery stock selling community.

When presenting the award, ANLA President Bob Lyons stated, “The industry's best sales people are committed to the success of both the growers they work for and the landscape, retail and distribution customers they sell to. They make sure we get the best inventory, on time, when we need and our customers want it.”  According to Lyons, in the nominations this year, one customer wrote,

“I only have one problem in nominating Suzette Nordstrom for the ANLA Wholesale Plant Sales Professionals “Salesperson of the Year”; she is not really a salesperson.  She works with me like an actual employee of our company.  There is nothing 'salesperson', in the traditional sense, about Suzette.  She constantly looks out for our company's best interest.  A great salesperson knows that it is more about the long term relationship than the short term gain. There will always be good years and there will always be bad years. The key is to get through the down times and work on building a better year the following season.”

Nordstrom stated with Monrovia in 1989 as an inside sales rep and then went on the road in 1994 as a representative in the Dakotas, Minnesota and Manitoba, Canada.  She is a regular blogger on the website.


Background on Monrovia:
Founded in 1926, Monrovia is the leading grower of premium ornamental and edible plants, with more than 2,500 varieties.  The company has introduced hundreds of improved plants, including more than 230 exclusives.   Monrovia's Distinctively Better® plants are nurtured in custom-blended, premium soil mixes, to produce healthy plants that flourish in the landscape.  Monrovia soils and organic fertilizers are now packaged for home use.  From its five, eco-friendly nurseries in Visalia and Venice Hills, Calif., Dayton, Ore., LaGrange, N.C. and Cairo, Ga., Monrovia distributes its plants through independent garden centers and re-wholesalers nationwide.  The company remains a family owned entity.