Curb Appeal Solutions: Landscaping around an existing tree

Curb Appeal Solutions: Landscaping around an existing tree

When the details of the place are themselves statement-making such as the charming circular window, classic French doors, and a enviable mature tree, the landscape needs to amplify, not compete. This low border of mixed perennials flanking a brick walkway was designed by landscape architects Courtney Skyback and Samuel Wiliams of the Portland, Oregon landscape design firm, SHWA. It’s an artful jumble of shade lovers such as brunnera and Japanese forest grass snuggled up against iris, veronica, and several varieties of cranesbill geraniums. Get this lush look with our tips and mouse over the leaf icons for specific plant varieties.


The details!

To complete the picture, elements that add scale and drama such as the camellia espaliered against the house, and a Lutyens bench under the window were installed. A pair of potted cypress balance out the French doors. It’s all so welcoming!

Get the Look:  Lush Layers

  • Resist the urge to clip! Allow plants to spill onto the pavement.
  • Be fearless and mix textures such as the grassy iris with spoon-leafed Brunnera and hostas.
  • Stagger heights to create an interesting ‘scape (think of it like a city skyline with lots of highs and lows).
  • Add “hard” elements to balance out all that foliage such as this rolled-arm bench.
  • Aim for something in flower all or most of the time by planting specimens with staggered bloom times.
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