Let's Plant It Forward

Let's Plant It Forward

What if you could make the world a happier place by simply doing a little more of what you already enjoy (maybe even love)? What if you could #PlantItForward?

A beautiful garden, whether a potted up geranium on the front steps or a full-on front yard, is a place of pride and inspiration, and a source of joy and delight to you and all of those who also get to enjoy the beauty. But it’s also something more, something bigger. Because when you plant something–small or grand–the benefits of your individual efforts to both people and the planet are amplified by all the other plantings around you. They all add up.

To what does it all add up? Well, your windowbox + my perennial border + our neighbor’s vegetable garden + the parking lot down the street with a planted berm + a nearby city park when combined help to create an ecosystem that attracts and nurtures pollinators, helps to balance CO2 levels, increases overall green space, and brings a calming-but-exuberant sort of happiness to the community. If you think of your garden like a stream that joins others to becomes a river and eventually an ocean, it’s a pretty powerful idea.

That’s what we mean by #PlantItForward.

We want you to join us in this fun and important new project. Follow this link to learn more about the campaign and to enter to win a great sweepstakes. And read these 5 easy ways you can #PlantItForward this spring and be part of a global effort to plant a trillion trees. Remember, no garden is too small. It all adds up!


It seems like modern life has left us disconnected from what’s in our blood–the natural rhythm of being part of the process of growing plants for food and for beauty, benefiting from the proven benefits that nature has on physical and mental health, and the “this feels so right” sense of having your hands in the soil, tending the earth. Your hands and your heart instinctively know how to garden, and when you honor that–even in the smallest of ways–you help to make this world more balanced, less chaotic, and just a better place.

Action: This spring, commit to planting at least one more thing–adding few perennials to a pot, a window box of annuals, a cutting from your neighbor’s garden, a new shrub border, a small vegetable garden, a tree for future generations. Imagine the impact if each of us planted just one more plant…


Enabling (in a good way!) is a huge part of gardening, right? Instagram-envy, FOMO, and Plant Moms are real when it comes to gardening. The more we can help those around us who are being seduced by the gardens of others, the greater the number of gardens we can help to create.

Action: Be THAT neighbor, co-worker, or friend that helps others to find the joy in gardening. Encourage them plant something and help them to be successful. Doesn’t have to be huge or complicated (houseplants, succulents, annuals, a shared clump of your daylilies–whatever’s easy!), but when you share your skills and passion for gardening you grow something more than just plants.


While sharing homemade compost tea recipes with other gardeners is fun and important, larger institutions also need our help to fulfill their mission. Volunteer at a botanical garden, open your own garden to local tours, become a Master Gardener, organize a plant swap, mentor a grade school class in gardening. You get the idea. It doesn’t have to take over your life–you’re busy, we get that–but any level of gardening goodness helps.

Action: Commit to engaging and assisting a community-based gardening group that needs your help, skills, resources, and enthusiasm to expand their work and be more successful. Here are a few resources to get you started:

Master Gardeners
Garden Conservancy
Plant Swap


We’re partnering with Plant-for-the-Planet, a global movement with an ambitious goal: to fight the climate crisis by planting trees around the world, one trillion to be exact. And, it all starts with YOU!

Action: It’s simple, easy, and you’re probably already doing it. Just plant something, take a picture of the finished effort, post the picture on Instagram and tag with #PlantItForward. For every tagged post, we will help plant trees for a better world through our valued partnership with Plant-for-the-Planet.

You in?


As part of our campaign to #PlantItForward we’re sponsoring a fantastic sweepstakes where you can enter to win a collection of Monrovia’s finest plants and a design consultation to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Find all of the details HERE.


We know this one’s hard (we’re right there with you and we do this for a living!) but put down your phone, grab a hat and some sunscreen, and just go outside for 15 minutes today. Listen to some birds, sniff some flowers, pluck and nibble a fresh basil leaf, observe how the leaves flutter in the breeze, feel the damp cushion of moist spring soil under your feet–just be IN nature.

Action: Let nature nurture you. We promise you that the sense of well-being derived from nature makes you value it  even more. And it costs nothing other than the time it takes to go outside.

We’d love to hear your thought and ideas for how you plan to #PlantItForward. Please post in the comments below. Remember–no garden is too small. It all adds up!

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