Five new (easy care) beauties for 2021

Five new (easy care) beauties for 2021

Five new (easy care) beauties for 2021
Close-up of the La Barbe Bleue Bluebeard flowers

True showstoppers in the garden. Our new plants are also easier to grow and more likely to thrive, even in difficult conditions. How do we choose them, and what new excitements are in store for 2021?


Our plant experts are always on the hunt for varieties that will perform better in gardens across North America. We search for plants that will bloom longer and produce more blooms per plant. Ones that fit in smaller spaces to suit our modern landscapes and stand up to challenging weather. Also, plants that show more effective pest and disease resistance. Working with top breeders from around the world, we’ve been able to find and grow unique and stunning plants. From Dan Hinkley’s Cathedral Gem Sausage Vine to our Bountiful Blue® Blueberry.

Our team trials and stress tests these plants for several seasons in nurseries before we grow them for home gardens. From Georgia to Oregon and California to Connecticut, we watch these new plant contenders grow, bloom, rest, and resist. Then, we choose the best of the best to become part of our new introductions each year. Here’s a look at five remarkable new plants for 2021. 


Have you met  one of our most exciting 2018 introductions,La Barbe Bleue™ Bluebeard? It's abuzz with blooms and pollinators all summer through fall.  Full sun. Zone 5 – 9. 

PHOTOS Doreen Wynja  

Seaside Serenade® Newport Hydrangea

Seaside Serenade® Newport Hydrangea is more than *just* another beautiful mophead hydrangea. Like its siblings in the Seaside Serenade® Collection, Newport features exceptionally strong stems. These do not flop in windy or rainy weather.

Newport also grows with a shorter distance between leaf nodes, keeping the plant compact. Stems, leaves, and flowers are thicker and waxier than other Hydrangeas. This allows for blooms to go on and on — up to three months.

Blooms last longer as cut flowers, too! Deep-plum flowers in acidic soils or a vibrant pink in more alkaline soils.

Newport reblooms from early summer until autumn. Perfect for both large- and small-space landscapes. Learn more

  • Hydrangea macrophylla 'HORTMANI'
  • Filtered sun, partial shade
  • 4’ tall, 4’ wide
  • Zone 4 – 9

8 More Hydrangeas in the Seaside Serenade® Collection

Explore Nitty Gritty™ Roses

The Nitty Gritty™ Rose is part of our Rose Collection features five varieties of vividly colorful, practically carefree shrubs. They are own-root roses and offer exceptional disease resistance. Double flowers are sweetly fragrant, appearing in waves from late spring to autumn. Nitty Gritty Roses are perfect for front border plantings and as accent plants. They tolerate road salt and urban pollution, plus they’re waterwise with improved disease resistance. Interplant them for a low, colorful hedgerow or enjoy as container specimen. Rosa x. Full sun. 3’ tall, 4’ wide. Zone 4 – 9.

Grow Jade Waves™ Fernspray False Cypress


Jade Waves Fernspray False Cypress brings a serene softness and structure to your garden. With beautifully arching branches and lush, airy green foliage.

Bred to be best other False Cypress. This feathery conifer offers a more compact form and pyramidal shape compared to older varieties. Jade Waves will adds architectural interest in the garden. This makes it the perfect landscape evergreen, accent, backdrop for other beauties, or a standout container specimen.

Jade Waves offers cover to your favorite migrating birds. Plus, you'll love it's double duty performance during winter holidays. Still, its grace lends beauty all year round. Learn more

  • Chamaecyparis obtusa 'MonYur'
  • 8’ tall, 4’ wide
  • Zone 4 – 8

Discover Jazzy Jewel® Tropical Hibiscus

Add a tropical touch to your landscape or container garden with Jazzy Jewel® Tropical Hibiscus, a prizeworthy collection. Blooms last long as three (!!!) days, bringing you hot, saturated color or, in the case of Opal, pure white brilliance. Well branched, Jazzy Jewel Hibiscus boasts beautiful blooms up and down the entire stem. Glossy, deep-green foliage has even greater pest and disease resistance, including bacterial leaf spot. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Full sun. 4’ tall, 5’ wide. Zone 9 – 11, but overwinter indoors in colder climates.

Grow Tectonic™ Eruption Begonia (Dan Hinkley Collection)

The new Tectonic™ Begonia Series featuring Tectonic Eruption brings bold, architectural texture to your garden and containers.

Discovered by plant hunter Dan Hinkley in the forests of northeastern India. Tectonic Eruption features intricately cut emerald green leaves with a light-bronze underside. Grown for its stunning foliage, Tectonic Eruption adds an exotic look to your landscape or indoor plant collection. Learn more

  • Begonia sp. 'DJHAP18072'
  • Full shade, partial shade
  • 12” – 18” tall and wide
  • Zone 8 – 11, but can be grown indoors as a houseplant


The Tectonic Series will have limited availability for 2021. 

Since 1926, we’ve focused on excellence, growing only exceptionally superior varieties. We have a passion for plants, meticulous variety selection, and dedication to innovating growing techniques. Therefore, every Monrovia plant is ready to thrive and grow beautifully in your home landscape. Explore all Featured Plants

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