What is Monrovia Doing to Reduce the Impact of Plastic in the Waste Stream?

Article  |   October 11, 2013
We are actively allocating resources to work on a viable solution to this problem. One such program is the Missouri Botanical Gardens Pots to Planks initiative, of which Monrovia has been a proud sponsor. This program turns recycled garden containers into usable landscape lumber. In 2008, the program kept more than 158,000 pounds of plastic…

If I Bring My Used Monrovia Plant Pots back to my Local Garden Center, can you use them?

Article  |   October 11, 2013
Although many garden centers collect used containers, we could not reuse these for both logistic and sanitary reasons. Due to pest and disease issues such as the Mediterranean Fruit Fly, the Glassy-Wing Sharpshooter, Fire Ants and Sudden Oak Death, it is not viable to bring the containers back on to the nursery grounds; the resources…

Can I Recycle My Monrovia Pot?

Article  |   October 11, 2013
We are working to make our green Monrovia pots easily recyclable in local municipal recycling programs throughout the United States. Presently about 70 percent of our pots can be recycled at curbside. If you’re not familiar with what can or cannot be recycled, simply turn the pot over and look for a number surrounded by…