Featured Plants

Did you know, that just like all living things, plants evolve? They too, change and adapt to their environments, developing new features and traits that help them survive and thrive.  Darwinian in nature, we seek out such adaptations in plants every day.

Since 1926, Monrovia has been an industry leader in the introduction of more beautiful and healthier plants. We call these our Featured Plants because they have evolved to be stronger, more vigorous growers, more versatile and distinct – simply put, more beautiful versions of themselves.

We partner with leading breeders and plant explorers throughout the world and together, we evaluate the evolution of plants, watch for new adaptations and then bring these unique plants to market. And this is precisely where the Monrovia touch works hand-in-hand to bring nature’s evolution to life.

Whether it’s our incomparable propagation and growing techniques, our exclusive custom soil mixes (79 different ones!), or our craftsman’s nurturing of plants to ensure they will thrive once planted in the landscape, we are proud to help grow the next generation of plants stronger and more beautiful for the next generation of humans.

The following list celebrates plants that bloom longer or more often, plants that work better in tight spaces of today’s yards, that are pollinator and water-wise plants, edible plants with greater ornamental value, low maintenance landscape winners and plants that continue to stand the test of time. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have in bringing them to life for you.


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