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Asian / Zen, Water Garden / Pond / Coastal, Urban / Small Space / Containers, Contemporary, Cottage, Desert / Mediterranean / Water-efficient Garden, Edible for humans or wildlife, Estate - 5 acres or larger, Sustainable / Permaculture / Native, Rock Garden / Alpine, Woodland / Rustic / Natural, Streetscapes / Medians, Conservatory / Indoor / Tropical, Green Wall / Vertical Gardening

Michelia Champaca

Evergreen tree whose flowers perfume the air with an enchanting fragrance.

Serving the greater Los Angeles region since the early 1980s, Michael Baer founded GreenTree Landscaping with twin aspirations of creating beautiful natural surroundings and building lasting relationships with his clients.

An accomplished master gardener, Baer leads a team of over 40 field service professionals including staff specialists in landscape design, horticulture, irrigation, outdoor lighting design, water feature design and installation. The company installs more than 30 significant gardens per year, ranging from small residential to large commercial projects.

Offering design, installation and maintenance services, Michael Baer has extensive experience creating a variety of garden types. Some reflect the unique and highly personal style of the client. Others are designed to accent significant architecture and create extended outdoor living spaces. And special projects range from locavore farming at home to low-water landscaping and bio-dynamic techniques for low-impact, eco-sustainable landscaping.