• Overview
    Light Needs:
    Partial to full sun
    Watering Needs:
    Needs regular watering - weekly, or more often in extreme heat.
    Average Landscape Size:
    Slow growing to 3 to 4 feet tall and as wide.
    Key Feature:
    Dwarf Habit
    Inconspicuous; prized for foliage.
    Landscape Uses:
  • Detail
    Botanical Pronunciation:BUK-sus
    Plant type:Boxwood, Shrub
    Sunset climate zones:3 - 24
    Growth rate:Slow
    Average landscape size:Slow growing to 3 to 4 feet tall and as wide.
    Special features:Dwarf Plant, Easy Care
    Foliage color:Green
    Blooms:Inconspicuous; prized for foliage.
    Flower color:White
    Garden styleContemporary
    Design IdeasThis small rounded boxwood can be treated as a topiary form to create perfect spheres in the garden. Allow to grow into its more natural form for a filler or to cover up the unsightly base of house wall or fence line. Can be grouped in a row for edging, informal hedge or partition in the garden.
    Companion PlantsBoxwood is an excellent companion for bold bloomers such as Pink Knock Out Rose, (Rosa x 'Radcon'), Dwarf Purple Rhododendron, (Rhododendron impeditum), Felix Supreme Peony, (Paeonia x 'Felix Supreme') and Sungold St. John's Wort, (Hypericum patulum 'Sungold').
  • Care
    Care Information
    Follow a regular watering schedule during the first growing season to establish a deep, extensive root system. Feed with a general purpose fertilizer before new growth begins in spring. For a tidy, neat appearance, shear periodically to shape.
    Light Needs:
    <strong>Partial Sun / Partial Shade</strong>: These two terms are often used interchangeably to mean 3-6 (or 4-6) hours of sunlight each day. However, there is a difference.
<strong>Partial shade</strong> typically means the plants will appreciate a more gentle exposure such as the weaker morning or early afternoon sun, with the emphasis on providing the minimum needed shade and sheltering from intense late afternoon sun. <strong>Partial sun</strong> typically means the plants <u>need</u> some direct sun, so the emphasis is on meeting the required minimum hours of sunlight, with filtered sunlight or shade the balance of the day.
Both are best with shelter from the harshest late afternoon sun. This shade could be provided by a structure, a wall, larger plants or  tree(s).
    Partial to full sun
    Watering Needs:
    Water needs: Moderate
    Needs regular watering - weekly, or more often in extreme heat.
  • History & Lore
    This is a hybrid boxwood cultivar that resulted from the cross of the Asian Buxus microphylla var koreana with the European Buxus sempervirens. It is one of the Sheridan Green Series introduced by Sheridan Nurseries of Ontario, Canada
    Boxwood is so named because its very hard wood was valued in ancient times for making of boxes and small containers.