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ZonesThere are very few rules in gardening, but perhaps the most important one is to work within your zone. Choosing plants that grow and thrive in your particular climate is the very first step toward having a beautiful garden.
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Forest Pansy Redbud Add to Favorites
Forest Pansy Redbud
Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy'
Item #2358
Year-Round Interest
Avondale Redbud Add to Favorites
Avondale Redbud
Cercis chinensis 'Avondale'
Item #2352
Beautiful Specimen Tree
New Plant
Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud Add to Favorites
Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud
Cercis canadensis 'Ruby Falls' Plant Patent #22,097
Item #5842
Delightful Specimen Tree
Lavender Twist® Redbud Add to Favorites
Lavender Twist® Redbud
Cercis canadensis 'Covey'
Item #1785
Delightful Specimen Tree
Don Egolf Redbud Add to Favorites
Don Egolf Redbud
Cercis chinensis 'Don Egolf'
Item #3257
Prolific Flowering
Mexican Redbud Add to Favorites
Mexican Redbud
Cercis canadensis var. mexicana
Item #2351
Small Flowering Tree
Oklahoma Redbud Add to Favorites
Oklahoma Redbud
Cercis canadensis var. texensis 'Oklahoma'
Item #2357
Stunning Specimen Tree
New Plant
Claremont Western Redbud Add to Favorites
Claremont Western Redbud
Cercis occidentalis 'Claremont'
Item #7062
Showy Spring Flowers
Eastern Redbud Add to Favorites
Eastern Redbud
Cercis canadensis
Item #2355
Beautiful Specimen Tree
Little Woody Redbud Add to Favorites
Little Woody Redbud
Cercis canadensis 'Little Woody' Plant Patent #15,854
Item #4954
Early Spring Flowers
The Rising Sun™ Eastern Redbud Add to Favorites
The Rising Sun™ Eastern Redbud
Cercis canadensis 'JN2' Plant Patent #21,451
Item #40176
Showy Spring Flowers
New Plant
Vanilla Twist Weeping Redbud Add to Favorites
Vanilla Twist Weeping Redbud
Cercis canadensis 'Vanilla Twist' Plant Patent #22,744
Item #41277
Thrilling Specimen Tree
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