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ZonesThere are very few rules in gardening, but perhaps the most important one is to work within your zone. Choosing plants that grow and thrive in your particular climate is the very first step toward having a beautiful garden.
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Firecracker Red Canna Add to Favorites
Firecracker Red Canna
Canna x generalis 'Firecracker'
Item #6448
Summer Flowering
Flamenco Flame™ Hibiscus Add to Favorites
Flamenco Flame™ Hibiscus
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'MonHope'
Item #1737
Tropical Flowers
Flamenco Samba Cuphea Add to Favorites
Flamenco Samba Cuphea
Cuphea x 'Flamenco Samba' Plant Patent #17,823
Item #9390
Showy Flowers
Fortunate Son Bearded Iris Add to Favorites
Fortunate Son Bearded Iris
Iris germanica 'Fortunate Son'
Item #40418
Repeat Blooming
New Plant
Four-in-One Combo Pear Add to Favorites
Four-in-One Combo Pear
Pyrus communis ('d'Anjou', 'Bartlett', 'Comice', 'Red Bartlett', grafted)
Item #40279
Extended Harvest
French Lace™ Weigela Add to Favorites
French Lace™ Weigela
Weigela florida 'Brigela' Plant Patent #12,666
Item #7641
Dramatic Foliage Color
Gardengirls® Aphrodite Scotch Heather Add to Favorites
Gardengirls® Aphrodite Scotch Heather
Calluna vulgaris 'Aphrodite'
Item #1973
Fall Flowering
Gartenmeister Fuchsia Add to Favorites
Gartenmeister Fuchsia
Fuchsia 'Gartenmeister Bonstedt'
Item #7154
Long Bloom Season
Granat Astilbe Add to Favorites
Granat Astilbe
Astilbe x arendsii 'Granat'
Item #0162
Woodland Garden
Grateful Red Bearded Iris Add to Favorites
Grateful Red Bearded Iris
Iris germanica 'Grateful Red'
Item #1543
Cut Flowers
Hardy Fuchsia Add to Favorites
Hardy Fuchsia
Fuchsia genii 'Aurea'
Item #4986
Summer Flowering
Hessei Cotoneaster Add to Favorites
Hessei Cotoneaster
Cotoneaster x 'Hessei'
Item #40207
Ornamental Berries
169 - 180 of 528
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