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ZonesThere are very few rules in gardening, but perhaps the most important one is to work within your zone. Choosing plants that grow and thrive in your particular climate is the very first step toward having a beautiful garden.
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Bloodgood Japanese Maple Add to Favorites
Bloodgood Japanese Maple
Acer palmatum var. atropurpureum 'Bloodgood'
Item #0075
Stunning Foliage Color
Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry Add to Favorites
Snow Fountains® Weeping Cherry
Prunus x 'Snofozam'
Item #6693
Spectacular Spring Flowers
Thornless Chilean Mesquite Add to Favorites
Thornless Chilean Mesquite
Prosopis chilensis
Item #6684
Drought Tolerant Specimen Tree
Emperor I® Japanese Maple Add to Favorites
Emperor I® Japanese Maple
Acer palmatum 'Wolff'
Item #0084
Dramatic Foliage Color
Fruiting Pomegranate Add to Favorites
Fruiting Pomegranate
Punica granatum 'Wonderful'
Item #6745
Sweet, Juicy Fruit
Petite Pinkie™ Crape Myrtle Add to Favorites
Petite Pinkie™ Crape Myrtle
Lagerstroemia indica 'Monkie'
Item #5560
Showy Summer Flowers
Majestic Beauty® Indian Hawthorn Add to Favorites
Majestic Beauty® Indian Hawthorn
Rhaphiolepis x 'Montic'
Item #6960
Versatile Flowering Shrub
Petite Orchid™ Crape Myrtle Add to Favorites
Petite Orchid™ Crape Myrtle
Lagerstroemia indica 'Monhid'
Item #5550
Vibrant Summer Flowers
Chaste Tree Add to Favorites
Chaste Tree
Vitex agnus-castus
Item #7618
Attractive Multi-Trunk Tree
Compact Mugo Pine Add to Favorites
Compact Mugo Pine
Pinus mugo pumilio 'Compact Select'
Item #3274
Handsome Dwarf Conifer
Fern Podocarpus Add to Favorites
Fern Podocarpus
Podocarpus gracilior
Item #6640
Evergreen Shade Tree
Kumasaka Camellia Add to Favorites
Kumasaka Camellia
Camellia japonica 'Kumasaka'
Item #1823
Showy Winter Flowers
25 - 36 of 607
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