April 2017
It’s time to shake it off, shake it up, and get crazy with color, color, everywhere. We’ve got fresh color combinations to play with (Marsala and Midnight. Really?!), a series of new hydrangeas for months of fuss-free bloom, and some of the prettiest plants you’ve ever seen for waterwise gardens. No corner escapes color this month, not even that deeply-shaded one you like to ignore. We’re so ready to be surrounded by blooming happiness!

Non-Stop, Fuss-Free Summer Color

Come the dog days you may be hot, sticky, and over it, but by choosing perennials that are low-maintenance with long bloom seasons, your garden will still be happily flowering well into fall.

Fresh Color Combos

If you’re looking to kick-up your summery containers or add excitement to beds and borders, we have six not-too-obvious combinations to try. From “Iron and Ice” to “Marsala and Midnight”, this summer it’s all about color.


Waterwise gardens don’t have to be all broccoli and no ice cream. You can have a garden that’s low maintenance and uses water sparingly, but that’s also filled with colorful, spectacular plants that are really, really lovely, too.

5 Perfect Plants for Full-Shade Color

Though mysterious and alluring, some of us turn a blind eye to full-shade spaces on the way to our sunny borders. No more! Gardening in full shade is a great excuse to grow some really great perennials.