June 2016

And it’s time for relaxing strolls and outdoor entertaining, al fresco evening cocktails and morning coffees, and for just perching on a bench to take in all the colors, sights, and fragrances of the gorgeous garden you’ve created. We wanted to show you this Fayetteville, Arkansas garden designed by DK Designs because, while it’s so lush and inviting, it’s also made from plants that are wonderfully easy-care. The pathway is lined with “brush-me, I’m so fragrant” Walker’s Low catmint, English thyme, and Italian oregano. The color-pop from the series of Tangerine™ Spreading Lantana trained as standards create an exciting visual rhythm of highs and lows. Tucked behind the bench is a slope decked in daylilies. We also have ideas to make your summer garden even more inviting, from flowering vines and how to use topiary, to a hot list of what’s in stores this month, and designing with ornamental grasses. Plus, check out our new blog for cocktails you can make with rosemary clipped from the garden.

Summer Rose Care

Roses are looking fabulous right about now with lots of fragrant, colorful flowers and lush, leafy growth. But, even “easy-care” varieties need maintenance in the summer to keep them healthy and flowering into autumn. Here’s what you need to know.

24 Plants That Are Shore Things

Despite mild winters, selecting plants for coastal gardens can be difficult. Exposed gardens often bear the full brunt of weather and a near constant bath of a fine mist of salt-laden water. Here are 24 plants that not only survive, but thrive in these conditions.


Here’s the inside skinny on not-to-be missed plants coming to garden centers in early summer: fragrant small tree, Champaca; red flowered Dynamite® Crape Myrtle; the ultimate pomegranate, Angel Red®; Enchantress hydrangea’s blue-blooms; and Illicium’s anise-scented leaves. More? Here you go!

Home Free, Season Two

We’re so excited (and honored) to provide all of the plants for Season Two of Home Free on FOX where contestants compete to win their personal hero a dream home. Follow us on Facebook for updates and chances to win some of the stunning plants you’ll be seeing featured.

5 Ways to Design with Grasses

Low maintenance, year-round interest, fast-growing, attract wildlife, often drought- tolerant—all excellent reasons for planting lavish stands of ornamental grasses. But, it’s really about the soft, gentle movement brought on by even a slight wind that makes them a must-have. Five ideas to get you started.

Higher Ground

Vines and climbers festooned with masses of summery blooms add excitement, color, and a bit of untamed luxuriousness to vertical structures. Plant any of these beauties on a sturdy framework, or let them scramble over rocks, down slopes, or cascade over a wall. Many bloom for months!