May 2017
With spring planting in full swing, now’s the time to dress up your outdoor spaces with color from top to bottom. We’ve got lots of ideas for little details that add up to big impact. Let’s start with this window box that’s filled with easy-care evergreen shrubs contrasted with brilliant-red geraniums. See how we designed two more looks for the same window box #ColorDoesIt (materials and plants available at Lowe’s.) Visit Grow Beautifully for more ways to create instant style in your landscape.

Create a scented patio

A patio is a perfect place to grow scented plants because you’re sure to sit long enough to appreciate the fragrance. Up the impact by layering scents for perfume from dawn to dusk. Much more here. 

These trees wow

We love our big shade trees, but every yard also needs a WOW tree with remarkable foliage or flowers or fruit or bark (or all the above). Even when not doing its “thing”, it’s a showstopper. You do have room for one more tree!

5 One-Pot-Wonders for Full-Sun

Hot, brilliant, all-day sun has its charms (beachside or by the pool), but it can cause your potted plants to whine by early afternoon. You need (and we’ve got) pot-perfect plants that LOVE the sun.

What Makes Our Plants Perform?

It’s a lot of small things that make a big difference. Here’s a peek behind the curtain into what goes into making a Monrovia plant.


Transform a once useless space (looking at you, back of garage and side of house) into a vibrant garden by using a wall-hung vertical planter stuffed with shade-lovers. It’s a quick, fun project.