The Cozy Colors of Fall

October not only kicks off the season of gatherings with family and friends, but also of enjoying just being outside taking in the brilliant colors and earthy scents of autumn. And, of course, the garden beckons.  Plants, pots, plans–so many fun projects this month! We’d love to know, what’s your favorite way to spend an autumn day?


Let's Plant a
Berry Garden
for Winter Birds

Winter packs a punch for our feathered friends. Let’s give them a hand with beautiful plants that provide calorie-rich foods to keep them warm, fat, and happy. Eight they’ll love.


Design School: Color Combos for Fall Containers

No one wants cookie cutter containers, right? Shake it up with 5 designer-inspired color combinations created with the hue of your house in mind.


Early spring bloomers to
plant NOW

Why wait for April (or May!) to see spring flowers when there are many exciting plants that do their thing much earlier. Sink them in now for blooms soon.


Don't Forget!

October is prime time for planting cold hardy perennials like peonies and daylilies. Do it this weekend!

Plant of
the Month: FloralBerry™

Need a colorful fall shrub that does double duty in cut flower vases? Got you covered.

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