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  Dear Savvy Gardener,

Well, the good news is that last week, Phil the groundhog predicted an early spring… but the bad news is that his accuracy rate over the years has been less than 40 percent! Whether you’re staring out into a snow-covered yard, or lucky enough to live in the Sun Belt and able to start planting now, it’s a good idea to take some time to think about what you’re going to plant this spring. We have some helpful tools on our website to help you with the planning.

Nicholas Staddon, our new plants director, is a wealth of information about great new varieties and gardening trends and shares his wisdom in a series of new videos. Choose from topics like edibles, topiaries, how to choose a healthy plant, foundation plant, flowering shrubs and more.

  How to buy plants
Our plant expert Nicholas Staddon will show you what to look for when buying plants. Pick the healthiest plants that will flourish in your garden.
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  Edibles leafgif   edibles
These edibles are low-maintenance and easy to grow. All are beautiful plants that will fit in to an existing ornamental garden. Once established, they are quite water wise. Nicholas has suggestions for varieties of Fig, Lemon, Blueberry and Pomegranate. Watch video»


flowering shrubs
Nicholas is excited about some great new flowering shrubs that are easy care and a stunning addition to the landscape. Watch video»


Topiary trees are hotter than ever. Nicholas Staddon takes the mystery out of selecting topiary at the garden center and demonstrates how easy they are to prune if you start with a high-quality plant.
Watch video»


sky gardening
Nicholas calls it "sky gardening" when you feature plants with an upright structure, as if they are reaching for the sky. These plants provide the architecture in a garden, are needed for any good design. Use them to define a boundary of a landscape and to punctuate architectural features of your house, such as entries, porches, and corners.
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Dan Hinkley Collection
Renowned plant explorer, Dan Hinkley, is known throughout the horticultural industry for his amazing ability to identify rare and interesting new plant varieties. Monrovia has partnered with Dan to bring some of his hand-selected treasures to your local garden center.

Check out some of the latest new plants from the Dan Hinkley Collection. Watch video»


More videos about Tropicals, Mandevillas, Foundation Plants, Fruit Trees, Container Planting.