Monrovia Plant Savvy
design, inspiration and practical ideas from the plant experts. September 2011
reaping the rewards of your garden

Dear Savvy Gardener,


Alas…summer is over. Now it’s time to reap the rewards of our summer garden by bringing those flowers, branches, foliage and berries indoors. We want you to think beyond arrangements with the typical Roses, Coneflowers and Gladiolas, and branch out a bit.

Snowberries are a delightful way to bring branches into your home. These leafless branches are loaded with big berries and will last a long time. Scarlet Pearl Snowberry has an abundant crop of large pink fruit beginning in fall, becoming especially showy on the otherwise bare stems in winter. Bright Fantasy™ displays big white berries or Charming Fantasy™ with soft pink berries.

Another stunning plant for cut arrangements is Black Lace™ Elderberry, with its intense purple-black foliage that is finely cut, giving it an effect similar to that of Japanese Maple. In the fall, blackish-red berries can be harvested for making Elderberry wine and jam, or left on the plant to attract birds and other wildlife.

  Scarlet Pearl Snowberry
In pink, white or blush, the berries on the Snowberry look stunning in an arrangement!
  Purple Silver Grass leafgif   foliage: bring nature in

Miscanthus is a grass that is multi-purpose…and comes in an array of colors and textures. Showy flowers for cutting, it’s deer resistant, does well in a container or border. Slightly gray-green blades in summer of the Purple Silver Grass turn brilliant red-orange in fall. This attractive coloring lasts through the winter. Mauve-colored feathery plumes rise above the foliage. Porcupine Grass features green foliage that is highlighted by dramatic horizontal golden bands. Reddish bronze plumes above the foliage in summer.

  Fireworks Fountain Grass


Fireworks Fountain Grass is a colorful, upright growing grass with variegated stripes of white, green, burgundy and hot pink running the length of the blade. Purple tassels appear in summer. It is super hardy and adds a splash of color in the garden. Plant in mass for a full wow of color. Does well in a container, too.

  Blue Balloon® Bluebeard

leafgif   fresh cut colors

Bluebeard is a versatile shrub that blooms from spring through fall with deep purple flowers.  The spiky flowers are fragrant, attract butterflies and bumblebees, and make great cut flowers.  Blue Balloon® has a spherical shape, like a balloon; and Lil Miss Sunshine™ has shiny yellow foliage and an abundance of blue flowers all season.

  Angela® Princess Lilies®


Alstromeria, or Princess Lilies® are wonderful, long-lasting flowers in arrangements.  The regal purple and white Azalea-like flowers of Julietta®, Bright pink Ivana® and yellow Angela® are just a few in the color spectrum.

  Gardengirls® Aphrodite Scotch Heather leafgif  

Gardengirls® Scotch Heathers are fantastic, improved varieties of Calluna. Anette with its soft pink flowers, and the deep red blooms of Aphrodite. Hebe is another versatile flower that will make your indoor arrangements sing. The deep pink Wiri Blush Hebe or the Lindsayi with its purple blooms; or the bright pink, four-inch long flower spikes of Great Orme slowly fade to white, providing a bicolor effect.

  Mammoth™ Red Daisy Garden Mum leafgif  

Here’s a surprise -- take a look at the Mammoth™ Red Daisy Garden Mum, with deep red, yellow-centered flowers that mature to antique rose and enhance the dense foliage to create a neat dome of color for more than a month. Mammoth™ Dark Pink Daisy features vibrant lavender-pink, yellow-centered flowers – and both are a Zone 3! What can you add to your indoor arrangement that you have not thought of?