Monrovia Plant Savvy
design, inspiration and practical ideas from the plant experts. March 2012
which will it be…tangerine tango or boyz-n-berry?

Dear Savvy Gardener,


Tangerine Tango. It's the color of the year, according to the color experts at Pantone. They encourage you to dance through the year with this vivacious and appealing reddish orange. But wait…the Color Marketing Group is on the opposite side of the color spectrum. They insist that Boyz-n-Berry, a reddened purple color, is the “it” hue for 2012.

In the garden, we love both. Because orange and purple are on different sides of the color wheel, they are stunning together. So don't be afraid to plant bright oranges and purples together. Some plants even come that way, like Goldflame Honeysuckle, with its purple-pink buds that open to an orangey yellow. This easy-care vine attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, too. Bird of Paradise have bright orange and purple flower heads, and the Flamenco Rumba Cuphea dances in the sunlight with brilliant orange-red flowers with a contrasting purple and white throat.

  Flame® Bush Lily
Do the Tangerine Tango in your garden with vivid colored blooms like this Bush Lily called Flame®. Its intense, deep red-orange flower heads are huge. In colder climates, it makes a great houseplant through the winter.
color me trendy!
  Trumpet Creeper leafgif   tangerrific

Orange vines like Trumpet Creeper can give you a wall of tangerine-colored blooms…not to mention a flurry of hummingbirds. This is cold hardy, a fast grower, needs minimal care and water, and is a self clinger, requiring no support. Tangerine Beauty Crossvine is another easy-care, prolific and long blooming vine. The very cold hardy Mandarin Lights Azalea is a fantastic shrub to light up your yard with bright mandarin blooms.

  Julka Clematis
leafgif   purple reign

Looking to match the Boyz-n-Berry shade? Try Julka Clematis with its velvety rich violet blooms. From the same breeder is Hania Clematis, with two-toned petals of purple-red edged in pink. One of our newer varieties is Vancouver™ Starry Nights Clematis, with its enormous eight-inch blooms that are two-toned and dusted with gold flecks.

  Orange Storm Flowering Quince leafgif   orange ya glad…

…that there are plenty of plants in the tangerine tango color palette? For something different, try the new Double Take™ Orange Storm Flowering Quince for a stunning early spring display of intense color. This drought tolerant, easy-care shrub is thornless and deer resistant. New Pumpkin Pie™ African Daisy will treat you to a profusion of orange blooms from April through November in milder climates.

  Purple Emperor™ Butterfly Bush


boyz-n-berry bliss

Purple Emperor™ Butterfly Bush may be small in stature, but makes up for its abundance of purple, fragrant blooms that will attract all sorts of butterflies and hummingbirds. Iris can fill your garden with a sea of purple. Our new Hollywood Nights Bearded Iris, with its seductively fragrant, heavily ruffled blooms, will delight with its long-lasting flowers. Great in a cut flower arrangement. Golden Jackpot® Bougainvillea has stunning purple bracts that contrast with bright green and yellow variegated foliage.

  Dancy Tangerine


fruity palette

Or you could just grow the fruit! Dancy Tangerine is easy to peel and oh so sweet. Plus you can enjoy the glossy dark foliage all year and fragrant blossoms in the spring. It's so much easier to harvest sweet, juicy berries with our Thornless Boysenberry. Plant them in mass along a fence or other support and you'll have a row of delicious sweet berries next summer.