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design, inspiration and practical ideas from the plant experts. February 2014
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Dear Savvy Gardener,

Radiant Orchid. It's the color of the year, according to the color experts at Pantone. Described as a “captivating harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones,” the color is showing up on fashion runways and designers are incorporating it into décor. But, the experts at the Color Marketing Group believe that blue will dominate the color movement for several years. They’ve named Re-Blued as the hue for 2014 – “a fresh, true blue that is energizing and soothing.” In the garden, we love both!  So many plants have blooms or foliage of the trendy pinky purple and the dusty blue.   Or you can incorporate these colors with garden accents like containers, patio cushions or birdbaths.  And, don’t forget to cut the colorful blooms for indoor flower arrangements.  Many Lilacs fit the Radiant Orchid spectrum and will fill your home with a delightful fragrance. Some Hydrangeas in acidic soil will be blue and are lovely as cut flowers -- fresh or dried.  Check out our new Enchantress®.


Want both of the Colors of the Year?  In neutral Ph soils (neither too acidic nor alkaline) Hydrangeas like this Penny Mac will put on a spectacular show of huge blue and pinky-purple blooms.  This easy-care Hydrangea will bloom repeatedly all summer.

Klaus Jelitto Stoke's Aster
plant away the blues

Our Klaus Jelitto Stoke's Aster delivers plenty of blooms from late spring through summer.  Its large, powder-blue flowers will brighten up a perennial border and are pretty in a simple vase.  This North American native is perfect for a cottage or rustic garden…looking especially cute peeking out through a white picket fence.  Lily of the Nile is available in many shades of blue.  Our new Blue Leap is hardy to Zone 7 and has extra large blooms.

Kilian Donahue Clematis
purple people pleasers

Kilian Donahue Clematis will light up your garden with a profusion of flowers with trendy color. This hardy vine is stunning on a trellis, arbor or fence, and will bloom and bloom all summer long.  Dianthus EverLast™ Orchid is another radiant bloomer you’ll love.  It has a first flush of flowers in early spring, and they last all summer…then delighting with another flush of color in the fall.

Big Blue Sea Holly
ocean of blue

A mass planting of Big Blue Sea Holly will provide an ocean of color all summer through fall.  Its iridescent blue flowers are long lasting in arrangements.  For drying, pick stems just as the flower clusters open fully, and hang upside down to dry in a warm, dark place. This easy-care plant is tolerant of hot, dry climates and soils high in salts. Carpet Bugle is a colorful groundcover that will create a wave of blue. Caitlin’s Giant will form a dense mat – even in shady spots.

Delft’s Blue Riding Hood Beardtongue
radiant color

Look for long blooming perennials for bright pops of Radiant Orchid.  Like Delft’s Blue Riding Hood Beardtongue, with striking tubular flowers all summer.  And, it’s loved by hummingbirds and butterflies.  Gaura Pink Lady is a super water-wise gem that has a nice tidy habit and a profusion of blooms.  Great in containers, too.  Winterglow Bergenia is loved for its interesting rosette-shaped foliage and spikes of pink-purple blooms.  It’s ideal for brightening up a shady spot.

Abiqua Drinking Gourd Hosta
blue-tiful foliage

Named Hosta of the Year for 2014, Abiqua Drinking Gourd is a real conversation starter!  It’s big, cup-shaped blue leaves are richly textured, and won’t lose their shape or intense color, even in the hottest weather. Bonus – it’s slug resistant.  Baby Bliss™ Flax Lily is a dwarf variety with spiky blue-green foliage.  It’s very drought tolerant and looks great in a border or container.  Topsy Turvy™ Echeveria is a succulent with interesting fleshy, blue foliage.

Petite Butterflies Sweet Pea Shrub
pinky-purple shrubs

Petite Butterflies Sweet Pea Shrub has an extra long bloom season, putting on a show with masses of vibrant purple-magenta flowers from spring through summer. Our new Blueberry Ice Bougainvillea has electric purple bracts and variegated green and white foliage. It provides color almost all year long in milder climates.  Kramer’s Red Winter Heath has a low mounding habit providing bright winter color. Petite Orchid™ Crape Myrtle is an upright grower that is covered with a profusion of dark orchid crepe-like blooms in the heat of summer.


Nick's Pics – Our spokesperson, Nicholas Staddon, was seeing gold everywhere he looked at the Seattle Flower & Garden Show…like this stunning Pine. Check out more golden conifers.


Nicholas is a featured speaker at the San Francisco Flower & Garden show, March 19-23.  Hope to see you there!


Our new Windcliff Double Pink Lenten Rose is a head turner!


Need more inspiration for Radiant Orchid and Re-Blued color?  Check out our Pin Boards.


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