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design, inspiration and practical ideas from the plant experts. March 2014
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Dear Savvy Gardener,

Mother Nature has certainly challenged gardeners this winter.  With extreme cold in the Midwest and East – alarming drought in the West – and icy conditions in those Southern cities that rarely see such temperatures.  We’re going to be busy this spring getting our outdoor living spaces back in shape. So get started with an infusion of color!  Load up on bright annuals and tuck them in all the bare spots in the garden.  A longtime favorite for instant color is Impatiens (known as Busy Lizzies in some regions). Monrovia is pleased to announce that we are now growing Bounce™ Impatiens exclusively for Lowe’s.  They’re disease resistant and bloom profusely from spring through the first frost.  A fast and beautiful way to leave winter behind!


New Bounce™ Impatiens are super easy to maintain and they bounce back quickly in dry conditions. They love the shade, but even perform well in full sun.

Lovely Lilies
fabulous fragrance

Lilies will delight with huge, often fragrant flowers. Place near your patio or entryway so can enjoy the heavenly scent and watch hummingbirds and butterflies flock to the blooms. These Lilies are popular in cut flower arrangements, so plant enough that you can bring some indoors.  Tip:  when cut, they’ll last longer if you remove the anthers (the pollen at the tips of the stamens). Just take a tissue and gently pull them off.

Gerbera Daisies
crazy for the daisy

Who doesn’t love Gerbera Daisies? Their big, full blooms are available in so many vibrant colors; they can brighten up a border and are gorgeous in containers on the patio.  Thanks to their thick stems, they are beloved as long-lasting cut flowers. Brides use them for their bouquets and to decorate their cakes. The flat shape of the flowers creates a perfect perch for butterflies as they sip the nectar.  Planted in a pretty container, they make a great (and easy) gift.

Green Columnar Juniper
shape up your patio

We grow a lot of topiaries…and they’re popular as ever. Spirals, pom-poms, patio trees, poodles and more. They provide a classy focal point in the garden or in large containers in your outdoor room. Junipers are good choices, as they’ll hold their color all year, and their dense foliage makes it easy to maintain the shape with light pruning. Icee Blue® has silvery blue foliage that is tinged purple in the winter.  Green Columnar has a nice upright habit and bright green foliage.

Southern Moon® Hawthorn
shrubs you’ll love

Foundation plants set the design of your garden and can be good for hiding things you don’t want to look at; or to create privacy hedges.  Southern Moon® Yedda Hawthorn is disease resistant and water wise, and is covered with dainty white flowers in spring.  Golden Nugget™ Barberry brightens any garden with its deep gold foliage that is tinged with orange.  And, for a hole in one…Golf Ball Kohuhu is a cute, dense evergreen shrub with a natural round shape.  Looks great in a container or planted in mass in the garden.

Bountiful Blue® Blueberry
you’ll be glad you did

If you haven’t jumped on the Blueberry bandwagon yet, you’re missing out!  It’s surprising how just a few shrubs can have you eating sweet, juicy berries for weeks in late summer.  Plus, they’re pretty all year, with flowers in spring and vibrant foliage in the fall.  They like acidic soil, so consider growing in containers if your soil is more alkaline. Bountiful Blue® has been the “must have” Blueberry for the past two years.  It produces heaps of delicious berries and has the prettiest blue foliage.  In a few months, you’ll be glad you planted some!


You'll find these colorful plants for spring, plus edibles and shrubs at your neighborhood garden center and now at Lowe's.




Nick's Pics

Nicholas shot our new Double Fantasy Helleborus, just coming into bloom, at our Oregon growing grounds last week. “Killer, pure white flower that fades to a soft peachy pink color.”



Tune in March 23 on NBC for the first episode of American Dream Builders. A design reality competition show….featuring Monrovia plants in all the landscape designs.



Calibrachoa provide lots of spring color. Plant in a container or hanging basket and enjoy.



Frost damage?  Be patient. Don’t prune off the dead foliage until it warms up. It will protect the plant in case temperatures drop again.


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