Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Purchase

    Who do I call to place an order?

    If you are an existing Monrovia customer, please call your Monrovia Sales Craftsman. You may also call your inside sales representative at our nurseries: Dayton, Oregon at 800-666-9321; Visalia, California at 800-449-9321; Cairo, Georgia at 800-342-6012; or Granby, Connecticut at 800-343-3132

    How do I become a new customer?

    Thank you for your interest in Monrovia.  To get started, please fill out our new customer application. We will be in touch shortly after we receive your information.

    Or, you can call Monrovia at 800-449-9321 and we will put you in touch with the sales representative who serves your area, and he or she can answer any questions you may have.

    May I have a price list?

    If you are an existing Monrovia customer, you can access pricing and availability via Garden Gateway™.

    If you aren’t already a customer, please fill out our new customer application and will give you access to pricing and availability via Garden Gateway™.

    What are your plant minimums?

    In order to help keep our prices low, we have established the following minimum quantities of any one variety.

    Pot size Minimum quantities
    UT 16 per variety; multiples of 8 per variety thereafter
    #1 and #1S 10 per variety
    #2 and larger 5 per variety

    Can I get a copy of my current order?

    Yes, you have two options. First, you may look it up in Monrovia’s Garden Gateway™ – our secure, online portal to all of your account information – where you can instantly access current product availability from all Monrovia nurseries, retrieve details on confirmed plant balances, track unshipped and shipped orders, and view financial information such as invoices, payments and retail pricing. To get started today with Garden Gateway, contact your Monrovia Sales Craftsman who will provide you with a username and password.

    Or, your second option is to contact your Monrovia Sales Craftsman who can get you a copy of your order.

    What is the volume and weight of your growing containers?

    Approximate Volumes and Weights
    UT (LittleOne™) 31 Fluid Ounces 920 Milliliters 1.5 Pounds
    #1 3 Quarts 2.84 Liters 5 Pounds
    #1S (SuperOne™) 1 Gallon 3.70 Liters 5 Pounds
    #2 1.6 Gallons 6.19 Liters 10.5 Pounds
    #3 2.8 Gallons 10.44 Liters 21 Pounds
    #5 3.6 Gallons 13.74 Liters 25 Pounds
    #7 6.2 Gallons 23.27 Liters 55 Pounds
    M (#10) 10 Gallons 37.86 Liters 62 Pounds
    #9 (#15) 12.4 Gallons 46.78 Liters 90 Pounds
    H (#25) 27.6 Gallons 104.50 Liters 180 Pounds
    Z (#25) 27.6 Gallons 104.50 Liters 180 Pounds
    12-inch Pot N/A 6.4 Liters 60 Pounds
    14-inch Pot N/A 10.5 Liters 70 Pounds
    15-inch Pot N/A 17 Liters 70 Pounds
    19-inch Pot N/A 26.6 Liters 91 Pounds
    BBA N/A 0.02 Cubic Liter 7 Pounds
    BBB N/A 0.03 Cubic Liter 10 Pounds
    BB1 N/A 0.19 Cubic Liter 15 Pounds
    BB2 N/A 0.27 Cubic Liter 25 Pounds
    BB3 N/A 0.38 Cubic Liter 30 Pounds
    BB5 N/A 0.83 Cubic Liter 40 Pounds
    BB6 N/A 0.68 Cubic Liter 45 Pounds
    BB7 N/A 1.06 Cubic Liters 50 Pounds
    TL3 N/A 1.44 Cubic Liters 65 Pounds
    TL5 N/A 1.82 Cubic Liters 75 Pounds
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