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Selly Scotch Heather

Calluna vulgaris 'Selly'

Pronunciation: ka-LOO-na vul-GAIR-iss
SKU #30896

Your climate might be too cold for this plant:

Description Attractive and hardy evergreen shrub for rock garden, border or ground cover. Masses of deep rose-pink buds provide a remarkable late season display, continuing until after first frost. Rich green foliage adds a fine texture to the landscape. Wonderful in fresh or dried flower arrangements. Evergreen.
Light Full sun
Watering Water regularly to maintain evenly moist soil - weekly, or more often.
Blooms Late Summer to Fall
Mature Size Moderate growing; reaches 16 to 20 in. tall, 18 to 24 in. wide.
Deciduous/Evergreen Evergreen
Special Features Easy Care
Growth Rate Moderate
Flower Attributes Flowers for Cutting, Long Bloom Season, Showy Flowers
Landscape Use Border
Design Ideas Perfect to accent borders and rock gardens or massed, this evergreen shrub is a great choice to accompany rhododendrons and acid-loving plants. Planted as a ground cover, the plants will slowly form a dense mat that defeats most weeds and provides year round beauty. Highly desirable for their interesting texture and long lasting display, "bud-blooming" heathers such as this are known for flower buds that swell and color up, but unlike traditional Erica or Calluna varieties, never open to reveal the flower, instead providing a unique, showy display of upright, densely packed bloom spikes.
Flower Color Red
Foliage Color Green
Companion Plants Spreading Juniper (Juniperus); Spreading Yew (Taxus); Lily of the Valley (Pieris); Rhododendron (Rhododendron); Carpet Rose (Rosa)
Care Provide average to lean, evenly moist, loose, well-drained soil; avoid hot humidity and heavy or poorly drained soils. Shelter from intense afternoon sun exposures in hot summer regions. In harsh winter areas, plant in a sheltered location and mulch root zone to protect. Prune as needed to shape.

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