Article  |   November 15, 2017
Monrovia’s plant offering exceed more than 4,000 varieties and 22 million individual plants are sold annually.


Article  |   November 15, 2016
Monrovia celebrates its 90th Birthday.


Article  |   November 15, 2014
In its fourth major expansion, Monrovia opens a nursery in Granby, CT, allowing for faster shipments to retail locations in New England and the Midwest. Same year, Monrovia launches the shopping portal,, to offer customers the opportunity to purchase plants online for delivery to participating garden centers.


Article  |   November 15, 2013
Monrovia offers its plants through Lowe’s improvement stores nationwide.


Article  |   November 15, 2009
Monrovia partners with famed world plant explorer, Dan Hinkley, to launch the Dan Hinkley Collection with selections that are exclusive to the brand.


Article  |   November 15, 2001
In its third major expansion Monrovia opens a nursery in Cairo, GA, allowing for faster shipments to retail locations in Southern and Mid-Atlantic regions.


Article  |   November 15, 2000
Launch of, which becomes widely popular for its extensive, user-friendly plant database.


Article  |   November 15, 1998
Monrovia is the first national grower to brand plant containers. The signature green cans wrapped with the Monrovia logo become iconic.


Article  |   November 15, 1984
In its second major expansion, Monrovia’s Dayton, Oregon nursery is acquired. The facility will later win major design awards.


Article  |   November 15, 1980
Launches the MN Plant Finder Program, a revolutionary in-store tool that helps shoppers choose the best Monrovia plants for their projects.