Zowie!™ Yellow Flame Zinnia

Zinnia elegans 'Yellow Flame'

Truly unique among Zinnias, this color-changing variety starts with bright pink and yellow single flowers, then develops to fully double, orange, red and yellow blooms. The perfect cut flower, with sturdy, upright stems. Blooms will live up to 2 weeks in a vase, and the more flowers you cut, the more buds you get! Tolerant of heat and moderate drought, and can stand humidity. Annual.
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0-11: Perennial
Grow as Annual in all zones

Good to Grow:


Full sun

Water regularly to maintain evenly moist soil.


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More Information
Botanical PronunciationZIN-ya ELL-eh-ganz
Average Size at MaturityReaches 2 to 3 feet tall and wide.
Bloom TimeEarly Summer to Frost
Flower AttributeFlowers for Cutting, Long Bloom Season, Showy Flowers
Flower ColorMulticolored
Foliage ColorGreen
Garden StyleCottage, Rustic
Landscape UseBorder, Container, Cutting Garden, Wildlife Garden
Light NeedsFull sun
Special FeatureAttracts Butterflies, Attracts Hummingbirds, Easy Care, Bird Friendly
Water NeedsModerate
Watering NeedsWater regularly to maintain evenly moist soil.
Companion PlantsDahlia (Dahlia), Meadow Sage (Salvia), Lavender (Lavendula), Cape Fuchsia (Phygelius)

Provide well-drained soil. Space plants at least 2 feet apart to prevent overcrowding. Avoid wetting the leaves. When used in vases, remove all foliage. Harvest flowers or deadhead to develop more blooms.

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Grow As Annual in All Zones

Grow As Perennial in Zones: 0-11