Since 1926, our success has been based on combining business savvy with a passion for growing plants. We are well-respected as the leading wholesale nursery providing plants that Grow Beautifully  and exceptional service to the finest nurseries and garden centers in North America. This reputation is the result of the dedication of our Craftsmen. As Monrovia grows, there is a continuing need for competent Coaches and Craftsmen with the desire to learn the skills of growing plants, to work with a diverse team and to develop the knowledge of our business practices.

As you become familiar with Monrovia you will note that we do not use the more commonly used titles of “employee” or “manager.” Rather, we prefer to call ourselves Craftsmen and Coaches.

What is a Craftsman?

A Craftsman thinks, creates and performs with skill, dexterity and care. We do so, by not only utilizing our hands but, also, our hearts and minds.

What is a Coach?

A Coach is a leader who instructs and trains the individuals on his or her team toward the development of their team strategy.

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We are an Equal Opportunity Employer.  We are also an Equal Opportunity Employer of Individuals with Disabilities and Protected Veterans.