Where to Buy Monrovia Plants Near Me

Choose your favorite way to shop

Curious about where to buy Monrovia plants near you? With our plants, you can choose your favorite way to shop. Many Monrovia plants are available at local garden centers and Lowe's (just look for our distinct green pot), but you also have the option to shop online. Or, consult with a landscape pro who can guide you to finding the best Monrovia plants for your space.

If you're searching for "where can I buy plants near me," here are your options:

Buy Plants Near You At Garden Centers and Lowe's

Find your local Monrovia retailer for plants selected for your region, garden inspiration and local knowledge


Learn How To Shop For Plants Online

Buy online and pickup at a local garden center. Choose from our extended catalog of plants for every need.

Learn From Landscape Pros

Let a professional help you design your outdoor space and select Monrovia plants that will thrive.


Why Choose Monrovia Plants?

Since our founding in 1926, Monrovia has been dedicated to the art of growing quality plants. Though we have California roots, we now have nurseries in various regions to grow and deliver plants all over the country.

We understand that quality begins with selecting the best varieties of plants to grow, which is why we work with breeders around the world to test plants before we deem them ready for your garden. Today, we grow over 4,000 varieties for every landscape need. We've also developed custom soil mixes to ensure healthy roots for our plants so that when they travel from our care to yours, they have what they need to thrive.

So, why choose Monrovia plants? Because we strive to grow in three core ways:

Grow Beautifully: Growing a beautiful garden extends beyond beautiful plants - it's about growing a human connection to nature. The Monrovia team uses our hearts, minds, and hands to grow the finest selection of plants for every landscape. The result? Plants that everyone can grow beautifully to fill their hearts and homes with joy.

Grow Confidently: Monrovia works with breeders and plant explorers around the world to select varieties that grow stronger, healthier plants. With incomparable propagation and growing techniques, coupled with encouraging advice based on experience, we help you ensure your success with our plants.

Grow Responsibly: With a profound respect for the natural world, we are attentive to our plants' needs and adaptations so we can learn the best care methods. We use beneficial insects, organic mulches, and natural microorganisms to reduce the usage of insecticides and fertilizers. We work with nature to bring plants' beauty to life through conscious, careful growing.

Resources from Monrovia

Thanks to our almost 100 years of experience, Monrovia has a wide range of resources for all experience levels. Whether you're a seasoned gardener ready for a new challenge or you're just starting to build your landscape, we have something for you. Our plant care resources include:

  • Planning Guides: Our free digital garden guides help you grow beautifully, confidently, and responsibly. Here, you'll find landscape plans, gardening tips, and unique garden design ideas. These guides are carefully and thoughtfully created by the experts at Monrovia.
  • Garden Design: Need to take your talents to design school to refine your vision? Dive into our garden design blogs and learn how to create a romantic garden, woodland haven, tropical paradise, and more.
  • Containers: If you've got a smaller space to work with or are looking to add a special touch to your landscape, we've got you covered with container plant guides from our experts.
  • Webinars: If you prefer to learn by watching, view our webinars that guide you through different seasons, styles, and landscapes to give you plenty of inspiration.

If you're not sure where to start, head to our inspiration page and start exploring, or view all of our videos.

Got a vision and just need to find the right plants? Monrovia's My Plantfinder tool makes it easy. Enter details like your intended landscape use, light needs, and water needs, and we'll match you with the best plants for your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you shop online for Monrovia plants?

Shopping for Monrovia plants online is easy. Use our My Plantfinder tool to choose from over 4,000 varieties of plants, and we'll show you what we can ship to your state. Once selected, your plant(s) will be shipped for free to a participating garden center. We deliver our plants nationwide to hundreds of garden centers. This way, you can pick up your plants locally and start growing!

How do I find plants for my landscape?

The first step in finding plants for your landscape is to understand factors like your hardiness zone, which tells you which plants can grow and thrive in your particular climate. From there, you can use tools like My Plantfinder or Monrovia's inspiration guides to get ideas and suggestions for your landscape.

If you prefer to partner with a professional, Monrovia has a community of landscape pros eager to help you create your dream space. Learn more about finding a landscape pro here.