How to buy Monrovia plants online

Buy Plants Online: How to Order Online

If you're looking to add a Monrovia plant to your garden, we make it easy through our online ordering system. We partner with Garden Centers around the nation to allow for easy shipping and local pickup. Here is a step-by-step guide to ordering our plants online:

Step 1: Bring Nature Home

Whether you’re looking to add a special plant to beautify your garden, or hoping to be inspired by something unique and perfectly suited for your landscape, Monrovia has the widest selection of the highest quality plants online today. From trees, shrubs and vines to stunning flowering perennials, color-rich annuals or delicious edibles, our plants are grown beautifully to thrive, ready for you to enjoy in your landscape.


Step 2: Select Your Perfect Plant

Select from the list of more than 3,000 varieties. Shop My Plantfinder by category, color, or preferred sizes and we'll show you what can ship to your state. We’ll ship only when your plant is ready. Because bloomtimes and other conditions vary, delivery may take up to 3 to 4 weeks in spring.

Pre-ordering during the fall and winter? No problem! We will care for your plants until spring and then ship them to you when they are in prime planting condition for your landscape.

Step 3: Choose Your Garden Center

Your plant will be shipped for free to a participating Garden Center. We deliver plants nationwide to hundreds of local Garden Centers. Find the one that’s perfect for you.

To find out about home delivery or installation services, contact your selected Garden Center directly.


Step 4: Pick Up Locally and Easily

You’ll be notified when the plants are on the truck headed to the Garden Center of your choice. The Garden Center will contact you when they arrive. Your plants will arrive specially packaged with your name clearly visible.

Step 5: Get Growing

When you take your plants home, you’ll find an information label that offers step-by-step planting instructions and information. Browse our blog for inspiring tips and design ideas.


The Convenience of Ordering Plants Online

Although our plants are available at certain Lowe's stores and local Garden Centers, our online option makes it easy to enjoy Monrovia plants if you aren't near one of these locations. There are many benefits to ordering online:

  • Variety: Through our My Plantfinder tool, you can browse thousands of varieties of Monrovia plants to find the best fit. My Plantfinder lets you put in details like your zip code, water needs, and light needs and matches you with the best plants for your climate. This process helps ensure that the plants you purchase thrive in your landscape.
  • Preordering: If you like to get ahead on your garden planning, you can pre-order Monrovia plants in the fall or winter, and we will care for them until spring. Then, when the time comes, we will ship them to you in prime planting condition.
  • Easy Pickup: Once your plants are on the truck and headed to the pickup location of your choice, you'll get a notification. Your Monrovia plants arrive packaged with your name clearly visible, so pickup is a breeze.

The Variety of Plants Available Online

At Monrovia, we pride ourselves on our quality and variety of plants. We follow three principles of growing:

  1. Grow Beautifully
  2. Grow Confidently
  3. Grow Responsibly

When we grow beautifully, we use our hearts, minds, and hands to grow the finest selection of plants for every need, whether you want to create a lush pollinator garden or a tropical paradise. When we grow confidently, we partner with breeders and plant explorers around the world to select the varieties with the best genetics that grow strong, healthy plants. And, when we grow responsibly, we follow nature to develop practices and techniques that evaluate the evolution of plants and watch carefully for adaptations so we practice the best care possible.

The result? Thousands of quality plants spanning everything from shrubs and grasses to roses and patio trees that breathe life into your space. You'll be amazed at the vast selection of plants we offer, available at your fingertips.

Ready to Buy Plants Online? Order Now with Monrovia

If you're ready to add some green and color to your space, start today by ordering live plants online from Monrovia. And once you've brought them home, tap into our resources like:

  • Webinar videos that show you everything from how to color your garden to how to prepare your plants for the winter.
  • Planning guides written by experts that give you inspiring landscape plans, garden design ideas, and easy care tips for your space.
  • My Plantfinder, which you can use over and over again to add new plants to your outdoor space until you create the haven of your dreams.

We believe that our gardens are an opportunity to express our style and creativity in living color, which is why we offer all the plant care tips and resources we can. Get inspired by visiting us online today or starting an online order to add a Monrovia plant to your garden. We can't wait to see what beautiful landscape you create!

Frequently Asked Questions

How are plants cared for when I buy them online?

When you order plants online through Monrovia, we take care of them until they are ready to be transported to your local Garden Center for pickup. In fact, you can even pre-order plants in the fall and winter for spring, and we'll make sure they get the care they need so they're ready for planting season.

Why buy plants online?

Buying Monrovia plants online is a great option if you don't have a Lowe's or Garden Center near you that carries our plants. When you buy online, you can use interactive tools like My Plantfinder to browse our selection of thousands of plants and find what's best for your landscape. From our experts to you, we strive to give you the resources you need to create your dream landscape.

Can I repot a plant I just brought home?

It's best to wait a few days (or even weeks) after you've brought a plant home before you repot it. Give your plant time to acclimate to its new environment; then you can transfer it to a new planter.