Shipping information for online purchases of Monrovia plants

Shipping Policy

We will ship your plant order free of charge. There are no additional handling or processing fees. It will be shipped to the garden center of your choice.  As a general matter, we will seek to ship spring orders after the last frost date. Your online plant order will be shipped with a special colorful label and sticker with your name clearly visible.

Shipping Timeline

We have been nurturing plants that Grow Beautifully® for almost 90 years and are experts on knowing when our plants are ready to leave our care and ship to garden centers across the US. Our decision on when to ship a particular plant depends on that plant's production timetable, the nursery location in which it is grown, local weather issues, and your location.  In general, plants will ship after the last frost date.  Please be aware that it can take up to ten weeks after you have placed your order for your plant to arrive at the garden center of your choice. We appreciate your patience and understanding with our shipping process and timeline. 

Notification of Delivery

We will email you when your plant order has been loaded onto a truck for shipment from Monrovia. We ship from four growing grounds across the country. So, if you have an order with multiple items there is a chance that all of your plants will not arrive at the same time. You will be notified via email as each portion of your order ships. The garden center will also contact you to arrange for pick-up, home delivery or installation. From the date of the plants arrival at the garden center, you will have 14 business days to pick up your plant order. After those 14 days the plant will no longer be on hold for you. Please note that no refunds will be honored after 30 business days from the date of shipment from us.