Camellias collection

collections_camelliasCamellia growers know healthy, beautiful plants start at the roots. At Monrovia, we’ve devoted a 60 acre, state-of-the-art nursery devoted solely to camellia production. By keeping the Camellias totally separate from other nursery plants, we can prevent the spread of harmful pathogens, for which Camellias are host plants.

Evergreen, drought tolerant once established, offering blooms from late fall through early spring; camellias are available in many shapes, sizes and colors. There are even fragrant varieties, such as Pink Yuletide, an exclusive pink sport of the popular red Yuletide Camellia. Easy to grow outdoors in zone 7 to 10, they can spread in front of flower beds, define spaces as tall background shrubs, form decorative displays on trellises for decks or patios or serve as specimen focal points in landscapes. Nuccio’s Bella Rossa offers an abundance of brilliant crimson flowers with tightly packed petals radiating from the center. Even when not in bloom, its glossy dark green foliage adds to the landscape quality in any garden.

Camellias are excellent in containers too. For your smaller spaces, Fairy Blush is a great choice, growing only to 4 to 5 feet tall and wide. It’s a perfect container choice for patios and courtyards where you can enjoy its delicate fragrance during the winter months. Marge Miller™ is an ideal choice not only for containers, but is a gorgeous addition to retaining walls or even hanging baskets. While its soft pink flowers make it beautiful, it’s unique prostrate habit make it an eye-catching addition. When trained on a stake or wall, it will cascade down for a lovely, weeping shape.

Gardeners in colder climates can also enjoy camellias with the introduction of the Ice Angels® series, among the most cold hardy camellias available, to minus 10 degrees. April Remembered with its soft pink open blooms, Spring’s Promise, a vivid red bloomer with contrasting gold stamens, and Winter’s Snowman, forming pink buds that open to white and wine red colored new leaves add a touch of color and grace to zone 6 winter gardens.