Shrubs You’ll Love & Topiaries for Shape

5820 Ligustrum japonicum 'Texanum'_7740Ornamental shrubs are the workhorse in the garden. These are the plants that can provide privacy screens and hedges to make your outdoor living space more intimate and your home more colorful by forcing blooming branches. They can be artfully combined with perennials to create mixed borders and they’re often placed throughout the landscape as specimen plants to highlight a beautiful seasonal flowering habit, decorative fruit, distinctive variegated foliage or fall color. With more than 75 exclusive Monrovia introductions and hundreds of varieties, we offer an incredible palette from which to create a stunning landscape design. 

Foundation plants set the design of your garden and can be good for hiding things you don’t want to look at; or to create privacy hedges.  Golden Nugget™ Barberry brightens any garden with its deep gold foliage that is tinged with orange.  For a great container look with an easy care shape try Golf Ball Kohuhua cute, dense evergreen shrub with a natural round shape.  

We grow a lot of topiaries…and they’re popular as ever. Spirals, pom-poms, patio trees, poodles and more. They provide a classy focal point in the garden or in large containers in your outdoor room. Junipers are good choices, as they’ll hold their color all year, and their dense foliage makes it easy to maintain the shape with light pruning. Icee Blue® has silvery blue foliage that is tinged purple in the winter.  Green Columnar has a nice upright habit and bright green foliage. Looking for something with blooms? Waxleaf Privet displays white blooms in Spring and its glossy foliage responds very well to pruning into topiary forms.

New Plant
Apricot Drift® Groundcover Rose Buy Now
Apricot Drift® Groundcover Rose
Rosa 'Meimirrot' P.P. #23,354
Item #9854
August Beauty Gardenia
Gardenia jasminoides 'August Beauty'
Item #3770
Black Knight Butterfly Bush Add to Favorites
Black Knight Butterfly Bush
Buddleja davidii 'Black Knight'
Item #1378
New Plant
Bloom-A-Thon® Lavender Reblooming Azalea Add to Favorites
Bloom-A-Thon® Lavender Reblooming Azalea
Rhododendron x 'RLH1-4P19' P.P. #21,476
Item #7875
New Plant
Bloom-A-Thon® Pink Double Reblooming Azalea Add to Favorites
Bloom-A-Thon® Pink Double Reblooming Azalea
Rhododendron x 'RLH1-2P8' P.P. #21,477
Item #7876
New Plant
Bloom-A-Thon® Red Reblooming Azalea Add to Favorites
Bloom-A-Thon® Red Reblooming Azalea
Rhododendron x 'RLH1-1P2' P.P. #21,562
Item #7877
New Plant
Blue Enchantress® Hydrangea Buy Now
Blue Enchantress® Hydrangea
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Monmar' P.P. #25,209
Item #9275
Brepo® Austrian Pine Add to Favorites
Brepo® Austrian Pine
Pinus nigra 'Pierrick Bregeon'
Item #8650
Bright 'N Tight™ Carolina Laurel
Prunus caroliniana 'Monus'
Item #6700
New Plant
Coral Drift® Groundcover Rose Buy Now
Coral Drift® Groundcover Rose
Rosa 'Meidrifora' P.P. #19,148
Item #9855
Dappled Willow Add to Favorites
Dappled Willow
Salix integra 'Hakuro Nishiki'
Item #7061
Dwarf Bottlebrush
Callistemon citrinus 'Little John'
Item #1440
Dwarf English Boxwood
Buxus sempervirens 'Suffruticosa'
Item #1398
Eastern Snowball
Viburnum opulus 'Sterile'
Item #7510
Erin Rachel Hibiscus
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Erin Rachel'
Item #2520
Everblooming Gardenia
Gardenia jasminoides 'Veitchii'
Item #3780
Faulkner Boxwood
Buxus microphylla 'Faulkner'
Item #1370
Firepower Heavenly Bamboo
Nandina domestica 'Firepower'
Item #6223
Glossy Abelia Add to Favorites
Glossy Abelia
Abelia x grandiflora
Item #0005
Golden Euonymus Add to Favorites
Golden Euonymus
Euonymus japonicus 'Aureo-marginatus'
Item #3480
Golden Nugget™ Dwarf Japanese Barberry
Berberis thunbergii 'Monlers' P.P. #9,577, Can. PBR #3489
Item #1203
Golden Ruby® Barberry
Berberis thunbergii 'Goruzam' P.P. #16,203
Item #3523
Goldflame Spirea
Spiraea x bumalda 'Goldflame'
Item #7117
Green Beauty Boxwood
Buxus microphylla japonica 'Green Beauty'
Item #1395
Green Mountain Boxwood Add to Favorites
Green Mountain Boxwood
Buxus x 'Green Mountain'
Item #1382
Green Tower® Boxwood Add to Favorites
Green Tower® Boxwood
Buxus sempervirens 'Monrue' P.P. #15,243
Item #1390
Green Velvet Boxwood Add to Favorites
Green Velvet Boxwood
Buxus 'Green Velvet'
Item #1389
Kaleidoscope Abelia Add to Favorites
Kaleidoscope Abelia
Abelia x grandiflora 'Kaleidoscope' P.P.# 16,988
Item #2834
Lemon Swirl® Australian Brush Cherry Add to Favorites
Lemon Swirl® Australian Brush Cherry
Eugenia myrtifolia 'Variegata'
Item #2440
Little John Azalea
Azalea 'Little John' (Southern Indica)
Item #0605
Little Ollie® Dwarf Olive
Olea europaea 'Montra' P.P. #6,266
Item #6304
Manhattan Euonymus
Euonymus kiautschovicus 'Manhattan'
Item #3540
Miss Kim Korean Lilac
Syringa pubescens subsp. patula 'Miss Kim'
Item #7202
Nellie R. Stevens Holly
Ilex x 'Nellie R. Stevens'
Item #4530
Otto Luyken English Laurel
Prunus laurocerasus 'Otto Luyken'
Item #6715
Penny Mac Hydrangea Add to Favorites
Penny Mac Hydrangea
Hydrangea macrophylla 'Penny Mac'
Item #2375
New Plant
Pink Drift® Groundcover Rose Buy Now
Pink Drift® Groundcover Rose
Rosa 'Meijocos' P.P. #18,874
Item #2263
New Plant
Pinky Winky® Hardy Hydrangea Add to Favorites
Pinky Winky® Hardy Hydrangea
Hydrangea paniculata 'DVP Pinky' P.P. #16,166, C.B.R. #2,892
Item #7461
Razzleberri® Fringe Flower
Loropetalum chinense 'Monraz'
Item #5923
New Plant
Red Drift® Groundcover Rose Buy Now
Red Drift® Groundcover Rose
Rosa 'Meigalpio' P.P. #17,877
Item #2264
Rose Glow Japanese Barberry
Berberis thunbergii 'Rose Glow'
Item #1220
Ruby Spice Summersweet Add to Favorites
Ruby Spice Summersweet
Clethra alnifolia 'Ruby Spice'
Item #2753
San Jose Juniper
Juniperus chinensis 'San Jose'
Item #4845
New Plant
Scallywag™ Holly Buy Now
Scallywag™ Holly
Ilex x meserveae 'MonNieves' P.P.# 21,941
Item #2109
Sienna Sunrise® Heavenly Bamboo Add to Favorites
Sienna Sunrise® Heavenly Bamboo
Nandina domestica 'Monfar' P.P. #14,693
Item #6222
Silver King Euonymus
Euonymus japonicus 'Silver King'
Item #3520
Sky Pencil Japanese Holly Add to Favorites
Sky Pencil Japanese Holly
Ilex crenata 'Sky Pencil'
Item #4493
Snowcap® Indian Hawthorn
Rhaphiolepis x delacourii 'Corleyscourii' P.P.# 15,544
Item #1122
Southern Moon® Yedda Hawthorn
Rhaphiolepis umbellata 'RutRhaph1' P.P.# 20,730
Item #4675
Spartan Juniper Add to Favorites
Spartan Juniper
Juniperus chinensis 'Spartan'
Item #4730
Sunny Delight® Boxleaf Euonymus Add to Favorites
Sunny Delight® Boxleaf Euonymus
Euonymus japonicus var. microphyllus 'Moncliff'
Item #3512
Sweet Bay
Laurus nobilis
Item #5729
Sweet Broom Add to Favorites
Sweet Broom
Cytisus x spachianus
Item #3820
Tempelhof Cypress Add to Favorites
Tempelhof Cypress
Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Tempelhof'
Item #2391
Tiny Tower® Italian Cypress Add to Favorites
Tiny Tower® Italian Cypress
Cupressus sempervirens 'Monshel' P.P. #12,933
Item #3073
Tuscan Blue Rosemary Add to Favorites
Tuscan Blue Rosemary
Rosmarinus officinalis 'Tuscan Blue'
Item #7028
Variegated English Boxwood Add to Favorites
Variegated English Boxwood
Buxus sempervirens 'Variegata'
Item #1388
Waxleaf Privet
Ligustrum japonicum 'Texanum'
Item #5820
Wine & Roses® Weigela Add to Favorites
Wine & Roses® Weigela
Weigela florida 'Alexandra' P.P. #10,772, Can. #2,642
Item #7656
Winter Gem Boxwood
Buxus microphylla japonica 'Winter Gem'
Item #1383
Yew Podocarpus
Podocarpus macrophyllus
Item #6645
Yuletide Camellia Add to Favorites
Yuletide Camellia
Camellia sasanqua 'Yuletide'
Item #2232