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This is where you’ll find current plant availability from all four nurseries. You can review your account details, such as shipped and unshipped orders, confirmed plant balances and invoices. Enter Garden Gateway below, or contact your Monrovia Sales Craftsman to sign up.

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We want customers to find you. People frequently ask us how to find a landscape professional. So we’ve developed a FREE directory where you can create a mini profile of you and your work, post photos and update it as often as you like. Property owners will be able to search by location, garden style and more. The directory is exclusively for U.S. and Canada firms. We ask that your firm be members of one or more professional organizations, but is not a requirement at this time. Before your profile is visible on our website, Monrovia will approve it. If you’ve already registered on our site, you can click the link below to login to your existing account and begin creating your profile.

If not, please register below to start the process; it is quick and easy to use.

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To purchase Monrovia plant in bulk find your closest re-wholeseller.

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Online resources

Home gardeners love your website and e-newsletter because they learn more about exciting plant varieties. To help you engage even more with these gardeners, we’ve developed an array of compelling banner ads and other content for you to use in your e-newsletter or website. Let’s inspire them to visit your garden center to shop! We hope these new banners send traffic your way! Browse our selection.

Monrovia craftsmen can create custom catalogs here.

Social media tips

A checklist of simple ways to increase your engagement with customers.

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