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Fishbone Cactus

Epiphyllum anguliger

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Good to Grow...indoors:

Description In its native habitat in the rainforests of Mexico, this epiphytic cactus grows clinging to the side of trees. To be happy indoors, it needs airy, well-draining soil and more humidity than other common cacti from arid climates. Great for hanging planters.
Light Bright Indirect Light
Watering Water well when soil is slightly dry
Blooms Prized for foliage
Mature Size Drooping stems reach 8 to 12 in. long.
Growth Rate Moderate
Care Plant in indoor plant potting soil in a pot with drainage holes. Provide a few hours of direct sun and plenty of bright, indirect light. Requires slightly more water and humidity than most cactus. When watering, soak thoroughly and allow excess to drain. Needs humidity- mist regularly in summer. Periodically wipe down foliage with a damp cloth to remove dust. Feed with a balanced fertilizer in spring and summer.

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