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Silver Star Cushion Bush

Calocephalus brownii 'Silver Star'

Pronunciation: kal-oh-SEF-uh-lus BROW-nee-eye
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Good to Grow...for one season:

Description Striking silver leaves and stems have a unique twiggy look. This Southern Australia native is adapted to poor rocky soils, heat, and salty sea air, and thrives with little care. The perfect addition to mixed containers, providing contrasting foliage color and texture for flowering plants. Perennial in warm climates but generally used as an annual is most areas.
Light Full sun, Partial sun
Watering Let soil dry slightly before watering.
Blooms Prized for Foliage
Mature Size Reaches 12 in. tall, 18 in. wide.
Deciduous/Evergreen Herbaceous
Growth Rate Moderate
Care Thrives in rocky, highly alkaline soil with excellent drainage. Provide at least 6 hours of direct sun daily. Water regularly after planting to establish a healthy root system. Only water at the base of the plant, not on the foliage. Reduce watering once established. Trim off old branches, leaves, and spent flowers for a tidy appearance. Does not perform well in high humidity.

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