Add Beauty to the Late Summer Garden and Get a Jump on Spring

In autumn, the landscape may look like it is slowing down. But underneath the soil, plant roots continue to grow. Fall is the time of year when root systems really go to work, strengthening the plant and preparing for another season of beauty. A strong root system is one of the most important factors in plant health, that is why Monrovia focuses on providing superior root structure in every plant we grow.

Fall-planted varieties get established in the landscape this year. That means they are primed to provide more beauty next spring. Other advantages of fall planting include:

  • Cool temperatures and plentiful rainfall make it easy for plants to root in before winter.
  • Ground temperatures stay warm even as the air cools. Plant roots thrive in these conditions.
  • Moderate temperatures make planting in autumn feel like less effort.

Adding late-summer and fall-flowering shrubs and perennials supports pollinators, providing more food for bees, butterflies, and birds.

Look out at your landscape. If you find a few open spaces in your current design, or want to make changes for next year, take advantage of the fall season to add more beauty with plants.

Plants to Add Now for Late-Summer and Fall Beauty this Year

Strawberry Shake™ Hydrangea
Add carefree color with Strawberry Shake™ Hydrangea. The flowers of this compact selection open creamy white, then transition to blush pink. Cool weather brings out the color, which is beautiful in fall landscapes. Strawberry Shake features sturdy stems that keep the blossoms standing tall in the garden or containers. Be sure to pick a few stems for fresh bouquets: They are excellent dried flowers. To 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide; Zones 4-8

Evolution™ Sedum
Evolution™ Sedum are bred to stand up in the garden. They bear strong, compact stems that do not fall or flop like older varieties. These pollinator-attracting selections add beautiful color to the late summer and fall landscape. Three varieties are available:

Grows to 15 inches tall and wide; Zones 4-9

Grace N’ Grit™ Roses
Adding Shrub Roses to the landscape is one of the easiest ways to get elegant, long-lasting beauty. Grace N’ Grit™ Shrub Roses feature outstanding disease resistance and waves of bloom from late spring well into autumn. Choose from:

Grows to 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide; Zones 4-9.

FloralBerry® Sangria Hypericum
FloralBerry® Sangria Hypericum provides landscapes with two displays of beauty. In spring and summer, golden-yellow flowers cover the plant. Come autumn, the cup-shaped flowers transition to stunning red berries that beautify the landscape and can be used in cut flower arrangements. The blossoms and berries sit on a backdrop of deep-green leaves that have red undersides. Grows to 3 feet tall and wide; Zones 5-9

Plants to Add Now for Beautiful Blooms in 2021

Crimson Kisses® Weigela
Reblooming Weigela varieties offer more spring and summer beauty than old-fashioned varieties. Crimson Kisses® Weigela is a carefree shrub that shows off masses of eye-catching lipstick-red blooms with white centers. It stays compact and rounded, topping out at about 3 feet tall, the perfect height for feature plantings or to create a small hedge. Zones 4-9

Harlequin™ Penstemon
The Harlequin™ Penstemon collection is a surefire choice to bring more butterflies and hummingbirds into the landscape. It offers four varieties that bloom all summer long. The plants have compact habits, so they stay perky without flopping or breaking in wind and rain. These no-fuss perennials also feature outstanding disease resistance and drought tolerance. The four colors are:

Grows to 22 inches tall and 16 inches wide; Zones 5-9

Skye™ Daylily Series
Skye™ Daylilies provide dependable summer beauty. Each of the five varieties in this series repeatedly blooms throughout summer. They also offer a tidy, compact habit, as well as disease resistance and drought tolerance.

  • Blazing Skye™ is a clear yellow with a dramatic burgundy eye and matching burgundy ruffled edges.
  • Radiant Skye™ boasts big blooms in varying hues of pink with a strong yellow eye.
  • Saffron Skye™ is a bold, solid yellow with frilly edges.
  • Stormy Skye™ features soft pink blooms with a bold burgundy eye and ruffled burgundy edges.
  • Titan Skye™ is a tetraploid with brilliant orange frilly petals with a bright yellow eye.

Grows to 18 inches tall and wide; Zones 4-11

Little Joker® Physocarpus
Little Joker® Ninebark offers dramatic, deep burgundy-purple leaves that add beauty to the landscape from early spring through fall. In late spring and early summer, Little Joker® produces pollinator-friendly, pale pink button that contrast its dark leaves. This compact shrub is exceptionally disease resistant and drought tolerant, requiring little maintenance. Little Joker® is ideal for small urban gardens, mass plantings and containers. Grows to 4 feet tall and wide; Zones 4-8


About Monrovia
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