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Avalanche Evergreen Clematis

Clematis x cartmanii 'Blaaval'

Pronunciation: KLEM-uh-tiss cart-MAN-ee-eye
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Description A profusion of pure white flowers with bright gold stamens blankets the lustrous, deep green, trifoliate foliage in spring. Stunning when used to trail down embankments - like an avalanche of snow when in bloom! Train to climb a trellis, post or fence, or allow to meander unsupported through shrub borders. Evergreen.
Light Full sun, Partial sun
Watering Water deeply when top inch of soil is dry.
Blooms Early to Mid-Spring
Mature Size Moderately fast growing; reaches 12 to 15 ft. tall, with support.
Deciduous/Evergreen Evergreen
Special Features Easy Care, Fast Growing
Growth Rate Fast
Growth Habit Climbing
Flower Attributes Showy Flowers
Landscape Use Border, Espalier, Privacy Screen, Ground Cover
Design Ideas A perfect flowering vine for espalier onto flat treillage in high profile locations. Perfect to mark a front door with abundant blooms. Twine up and over wood or metal arches at gates and entries. Drape over fences in narrow sideyards for a short range view of flowers from windows. Train up narrow railings and posts on stoop or porch. Unique, deeply dissected foliage and golden stamens are best appreciated up close near terrace and patio.
Flower Color White
Foliage Color Green
Companion Plants Maiden Grass (Miscanthus); Hydrangea (Hydrangea); Daylily (Hemerocallis); Japanese Maple (Acer); Butterfly Bush (Buddleja)
Care Thrives in enriched, well-drained soil, with roots sheltered and top growth in the sun. Mulch soil surface to conserve moisture. Water deeply, regularly in first growing season to establish root system; reduce frequency once established. Apply fertilizer when new growth begins in spring. Provide trellis or arbor support.
Lore In its homeland of New Zealand, this plants ancestor, C. marmoraria is an evergreen rock hugging crevice plant with little resemblance to the resulting cultivar.

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