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Blue Pacific Shore Juniper

Juniperus conferta 'Blue Pacific'

Pronunciation: ju-NIP-er-us kon-FER-ta
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Description This wonderful, low, spreading form makes a superb groundcover, group planting or single specimen. Dense blue-green foliage gives this selection a handsome appearance and is best when not pruned, but rather left in its natural form. A notably heat tolerant variety. Evergreen.
Light Full sun
Watering Water when top 2 inches of soil is dry.
Blooms Conifer; prized for foliage.
Mature Size Slow growing; reaches 1 ft. tall, spreading 6 to 7 ft. wide.
Deciduous/Evergreen Evergreen
Special Features Dramatic Foliage Color, Easy Care, Ornamental Berries, Waterwise, Benefits Birds
Growth Rate Slow
Growth Habit Spreading
Landscape Use Border, Container, Ground Cover, Hillside
Design Ideas Blue tinted Juniper are the most reliable plants for the excessive heat and drought of Southwestern low desert communities. Thrives in seacoast conditions or wherever the soil is thin. Use on slopes for coverage or erosion control, allow it to drape off retaining walls or cover unsightly transition zones at the edges of paving. A good source for dune stabilization. This plant's tolerance of extreme reflected heat makes it a good choice for near walkways and drives. Deer tend to avoid this plant.
Foliage Color Blue-green
Companion Plants Rose (Rosa); Clematis (Clematis); Russian Sage (Perovskia); Catmint (Nepeta); Barberry (Berberis); Maiden Grass (Miscanthus)
Care Highly adaptable and easy to grow in most well-drained soils; avoid overly wet conditions. Water deeply, regularly in first growing season to establish root system; reduce frequency, once established. Space 5 ft. apart as groundcover; closer for faster coverage. Control weeds with mulch until plants fill in.

This Plant's Growing Zones: 5-9

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