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Jurassic™ Brontosaurus Tongue Fern

Pyrrosia 'MONBRTS'

Pronunciation: pye-RHO-see-ya
SKU #41938

Your climate might be too cold for this plant:

Description Growing on rocks under extreme drought conditions, this curiously beautiful evergreen species was collected in Hunan Province by plantsman Dan Hinkley. It is best cultivated on steep embankments in draining soils, on rotting stumps or logs, or as a container plant in partially shaded sites on a terrace. Will make for a splendid specimen over time.
Light Filtered sun, Partial shade, Partial sun
Watering Let soil dry between waterings.
Blooms Prized for Foliage
Mature Size Reaches 1 ft. tall and wide, spreading wider over time.
Deciduous/Evergreen Evergreen
Special Features Waterwise, Multi-Season Interest
Growth Rate Moderate
Care Provide well drained, loose soil. Prefers humidity. In the garden, plant on a steep slope. Spreads by rhizomes. When potting, do not bury the rhizome too deep, as it can rot. Leaves will turn pale in drought conditions and return to green when watered.

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