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Guardian® Indigo Cypress

Cupressus x 'RutCup1' Plant Patent Applied For

Pronunciation: ku-PRES-us ar-i-ZON-ic-a GLA-bra
SKU #01888

Your climate might be too cold for this plant:

Description A magnificent conifer with an upright form, notable disease resistance, and attractive silvery blue-green foliage that works well as a single landscape specimen, or massed for an evergreen screen. The naturally pyramidal shape works well for formal shearing, creating a striking topiary form. A Monrovia exclusive.
Light Full sun
Watering Water when top 2 inches of soil is dry.
Blooms Conifer; prized for foliage.
Mature Size Grows 16 to 18 ft. tall, 12 to 14 ft. wide in 10 years; 30 to 40 ft. tall, 22 to 30 ft. tall with maturity.
Deciduous/Evergreen Evergreen
Special Features Dramatic Foliage Color, Easy Care, Improved Pest and Disease Resistance, Waterwise, Benefits Birds
Growth Rate Moderate
Patent Act Asexual reproduction of plants protected by the Plant Patent Act is prohibited during the life of the patent.
Care Highly adaptable; best with average to lean, well-drained soil. Water deeply, regularly during the first few growing seasons to establish an extensive root system; once established, reduce frequency. Apply a slow-release fertilizer when new growth begins in spring. In natural form, prune only to remove damaged or dead branches. Prune topiaries as needed to maintain form.

This Plant's Growing Zones: 6-9

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Your climate may be too cold for this plant

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